Meet Nuka.ME: The Eternal Notebook

Meet Nuka.ME: The Eternal Notebook

If you are a stationery aficionado, or simply like to take notes, make plans, to-do lists and schedules, as well as keep track of what’s happening in general, then you’re probably familiar with the drill: go to the store, find and purchase a notebook, pen, pencil, and eraser you like, go home, use the stationery for a while, and repeat the whole ordeal.

We admit – buying new stationery material can be fun but doing it every couple of months? Not so much.

So, what if we told you that there is a notebook designed to last forever?

What is Nuka.ME?

Imagine an eternal notebook that can’t tear, or be destroyed, feels like the real notebook, but can digitalize and synchronize your records with smart devices? Now imagine synchronizing your to-do lists, scanning your notes and digitalizing them instantly, having an unlimited writing space and never running out of paper! And to top it all – your information is protected? 

Have you imagined it? Yes? Well, it’s possible with

Who’s Behind

As if the concept of an eternal notebook isn’t impressive enough, what would you say if we told you that the key members of the Nuka team are only 17 years old? Now, that’s something we don’t see every day!

As stationery lovers themselves, the creators of Nuka are well-aware of all the (dis)advantages concerning ordinary, physical stationery The innovative technology materials, as well as the issues that arise when using the digital ones. 

So, they came up with Nuka. The Nuka notebook is where the two worlds meet – it has all the benefits that modern technologies and digitization have to offer, paired with the tactile experience only the real materials can bring. 

Nuka Notebook has all the benefits that modern technologies and digitization have to offer.

Seeking to create something new and innovative, the Nuka team has spent around two years (the idea first came to life in August 2017) on research and development of the product and the technologies used, working on prototypes, and effective business strategy. They also had to collect investments to help finance the whole project and the mass production that is expected to start at the beginning of 2020. 

An eternal notebook? Is this even possible?

An eternal notebook? Is this even possible?

The innovative technology used for Nuka’s design makes it virtually impossible for you to run out of paper, as you can indefinitely write, rewrite, and erase everything you put on its pages. Not only that – this amazing notebook is made out of special materials that make it almost indestructible. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video below that shows Nuka reaching the stratosphere and successfully landing after falling from approximately 30km height. Talk about space-proofing your notebook! 

To be able to withstand such harsh conditions, Nuka’s cover is made of a special flexible material designed to be long-lasting, hard-wearing, liquid-proof, but at the same time pleasant to touch. In addition, to make the notebook even more sturdy, the Nuka team used a special welding technique that makes the pages really difficult to tear.

The new-generation paper used for the notebook is pretty much indestructible as well. It is made of robust, waterproof materials and components, so your notes can’t be destroyed even if you spill water or coffee on them. A true lifesaver, wouldn’t you agree? 

Your notes can’t be destroyed even if you spill water or coffee on them.

Moreover, the paper is made from polypropylene, a highly recyclable thermoplastic polymer that can be melted, moulded, and reused for making various products. Such materials are made to withstand constant wear and tear, so you can wipe and rewrite the pages as many times you want and your notebook will still look as though you’ve just bought it. And the best thing – it’s soft to touch and feels just the same as your regular paper does. This means that you’ll have the full tactile experience you’ve grown to know and love! 

There is just one downside, though – the product is still in its development phase and the production is expected to start in February. We simply can’t wait! - More perks?

More perks?

If the fact that you don’t have to buy a single notebook for the rest of your life is not enticing enough, then keep reading to find out what else makes Nuka so special. 

First off, even though you can use any pencil which is not permanent, your Nuka notebook can be paired with the Nuka eternal pencil. Yes, an eternal pencil that will never stop writing. This is made possible by using a specialized metal called alloy that oxidizes the paper, so the pen will keep writing as long as you keep it pressed on the page. The Nuka pencil looks like a regular pencil, acts like a regular pencil, and writes like a regular pencil, but without refills, sharpening leaks, or broken leads. What’s more, it can be used in almost every environment, including underwater, regardless of the temperatures. Now, that’s cool!

Another thing that’s been cooking in Nuka’s creative kitchen is the Nuka app

The app is the perfect addition to the Nuka notebook as it allows you to digitize all your notes and to-do lists, and synchronize them with your smart devices in a matter of seconds. Scan the pages and create your digital notebook with notes, lists, sketches, calendars, and spreadsheets that are well-organized, protected, and readily available whenever you need them. The app will be available both in the App Store and Google Play. The verdict?

The verdict?

Will Nuka manage to live up to (or even surpass) the growing expectations surrounding its actual release date? 

We believe so!

Not only will this nifty gadget completely change the way we take notes, but it will also make the process of digitizing and sharing them across smart devices quick and efficient. 

This fully rewritable and waterproof notebook had a successful campaign on Kickstarter. If you’d like to back this project and make sure you secure this amazing product, you can do so on Indiegogo.

All we can say is kudos to you guys and keep up the good work!


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