Meet Zachary: A Multi-Talented Wedding And Portrait Photographer

Meet Zachary: A Multi-Talented Wedding And Portrait Photographer

We all want our wedding photos to be unique and memorable. We all want them to show the distinctive personalities of our loved ones. To capture a certain moment in time and tell a story. And not just any story. A beautiful story of our special day, a day we will never forget. After all, that is kind of the point, right? These photos document emotions and memories that are special to us.

This is why we don’t want our photos to look like they were taken from Pinterest or a fashion magazine. We want them to feel and be authentic. We want them to stick out. To tell not just any but our story. And getting our own photographers is one way to achieve that.

Meet Zachary DiBeradin ( His shooting style is just perfect for wedding and portrait photos. 

So let’s see what he’s all about!

A Multi-Talented Wedding And Portrait Photographer

Besides being a wedding and portrait photographer, Zachary DiBeradin is also an experienced graphic designer and screen printer. Based in Pittsburgh, this multi-talented guy has always been fascinated by various forms of art. “From a young age, I fell in love with pursuing creative ideas and bringing them to life,” he emphasizes on his website.

“From a young age, I fell in love with pursuing creative ideas and bringing them to life.”

Given that, it is not surprising that Zachary opted for visual storytelling as his main channel of impression. He leaves his mark in the art world by the various forms of photography, including:

  • wedding photography
  • family portraits
  • senior portraits
  • aerial photography
  • corporate branding photography
  • event photography

Pursuing a Career in Graphic Design and Screen Printing

Wedding and portrait photography have always been his greatest passion. Yet Zachary has also pursued an immensely successful career in graphic design. He helps corporations of all shapes and sizes develop unique brand identities by designing brand logos, business cards, brochures, social media ad banners, and posters for them. 

Zachary also has an enviable experience in screen printing. He creates custom-printed apparel, sports jerseys, company uniforms, and various promotional materials for businesses.

Photography As A Business: Lessons By This Portrait Photographer 

Photography as a business: Lessons by this wedding and portrait photographer

Making a successful photography career requires a whole lot of technical and business skills. However, there is also the human side of creative entrepreneurship. That is exactly what Zachary teaches us.  

Emphasizing the Human Side of Photography

Some wedding and portrait photographers act like stage directors. Telling you where to stand, what to wear, what to do, where to look, etc. 

But does wedding and portrait photography really need to be overly formal? Does it really have to intimidate people? 

The answer is no. And the example of Zachary DiBeradin backs me up on that. 

Wedding and portrait photography doesn’t need to be overly formal. Nor does it have to intimidate people. 

What sets Zachary apart from other photographers is his authentic expression. For Zack, the art of photography goes far beyond shooting impeccable photos that appeal to social media. 

When you look at his portfolio, you may conclude that this talented wedding and portrait photographer always approaches wedding and engagement photography from the viewpoint of a participant. Zachary is a documentarian, focused on capturing genuine emotions – the beauty of loving and being loved.  Each photo he takes encapsulates the happiest moments from the wedding and keeps them vivid and tangible.

Maybe that is the way the couple looks at each other. Or how she smiles when he holds her hand, or as she walks up the aisle. Zachary always gets to know his clients and focuses on what makes them unique. He carefully embroiders the couple’s candid feelings and unique personalities, creating memories that last forever.  

“As a wedding photographer, my photographs are authentic moments. When you look back at your photographs, you’re going to remember that moment and the emotion of your wedding day,” Zachary emphasizes.

Effective Communication Makes Successful Photography

Effective communication makes successful photography - lessons from this portrait photographer

Jumping into photography as a career is a multi-step process. Aspiring portrait photographers often focus on perfecting their skills and learning the technical aspects of photography. However, knowing everything about the different types of lenses does not guarantee you a successful session. 

What you need to satisfy your clients are exceptional people skills. You see, clients expect you to listen to them and understand what they are trying to achieve through the photo session. That can only be achieved through transparent communication.

That is exactly how Zachary approaches wedding and portrait photography. In addition to his extensive portfolio, he answers the questions most frequently asked by his clients. From wedding shooting pricing to his turn-around time, they can learn everything they wanted to know before hiring him. 

Key Traits Of A Successful Portrait Photographer

The zipper from the bride’s dress splits, the marriage officiant is late, the flower girl refuses to go down the aisle. Such wedding bloopers can always happen. 

However, always keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. Even the best-planned wedding receptions may come across a few bumps in the road. 

Zachary DiBeradin understands that his typical workday is the most significant moment in his clients’ lives. He does everything in his power to alleviate anxiety on the big day.

While the couple and the guests may get jittery under pressure, a photographer needs to remain unflappable. And whether that’s calming down the newlyweds or dealing with toxic family members, a photographer’s role is to adapt fast and make the best of any unexpected situation. 

Zachary DiBeradin understands that his typical workday is the most significant moment in his clients’ lives. He does everything in his power to alleviate anxiety on the big day. Zachary explains:

“I’m easy going and a lot of my couples have described me as calming and relaxed. Weddings are a celebration of your relationship, I absorb any stress and anxiety from my couples and keep them calm and focused on enjoying their day”.

Personal Branding In Photography

Personal branding in photography - How this portrait photographer does it

While Zachary does not openly talk about his career plans, his love for his profession stands out a mile. 

And you can tell that just by scrolling through his personal website.  

As a talented visual artist with an aptitude for business, Zachary understands the value of personal branding in the digital landscape. For him, having a personal website is the opportunity to dominate his target niche and build a credible brand. 

That is where website visitors can learn more about him, his approach to photography, pricing, and past projects. With every photo and sentence having its place on the website, he manages to express his personality and build trust with potential clients.

To emphasize his creativity and service quality, Zachary turned his website into a detailed, regularly curated online portfolio. He does not need to write odes to his work to stand out and attract new clients. His exceptional photos and lots of satisfied clients do all the talking.  

We are glad that Zack chose .ME as the domain extension for his personal website!

Wrapping Up

Zachary DiBeradin has taught us two important lessons.

First, he proved that turning art into a successful business is possible. The secret is in client-centered communication and strong marketing. His online presence showcases his creative nature and entrepreneurial spirit. By turning his website into an online portfolio, this portrait photographer increases his reach and builds trust with prospective clients.

Second, his example teaches us that the best camera and advanced photography skills is not enough to take awe-inspiring photos. Photographers should focus on capturing their clients’ souls and deepest emotions. Photographer is the factor that determines whether a photo is meaningful or not. Not the camera. 

Keep chasing your dreams, Zachary. You are doing amazing!


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