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Mercedes Gets Personal With Mercedes.ME

By Masa Djikanovic, April 10, 2014

A sleek, engaging design. A clear message that resonates with visitors, and promises to turn customers into a community. A tailored, hand-written font used to emphasize the word “me” and underscore the personalized experience that is at the very core of this new service. Mercedes-Benz, whose motto is “The best or nothing,” just got personal – and at the center of this transformation stands a .me domain: Mercedes.Me

Mercedes me” is a brand new digital platform by the Stuttgart-based premium automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, scheduled to launch in Summer 2014. Presented in early March at the 84th International Motor Show in Geneva, “Mercedes me” promises to redefine customer care in the automotive industry – and beyond – by seamlessly integrating all service and mobility areas in a single digital space.


The (.)Me Selling Proposition

While incredibly innovative in its own right, the approach Mercedes-Benz has taken to personalizing customer service and putting the consumer at the center of the brand experience is a reflection of a large and powerful shift in marketing – the Me Selling Proposition (MSP).

Described here by Martin Lindstrom, bestselling author and 2009 recipient of the TIME Magazine’s “World’s 100 Most Influential People” accolade, MSP profoundly changed the way companies and brands advertise, and led to the trend of consumers becoming the best and most reliable brand ambassadors. And what is the most logical choice for a domain name on which to personalize a service and build a loyal community? You guessed it; it’s all about .me.

The .me domain is and will remain the most personal domain name available, and is already immensely popular with bloggers, startups and companies ranging from Visa ( to TIME ( However, the “Mercedes Me” example shows just how powerful a .me domain name can be for corporations in the MSP era.

Whether by launching a new product, or developing a community platform for new and existing users, there is no better alternative to sending a memorable message in the URL than using .me. “Mercedes me” is such an exciting example, as it perfectly combines the right marketing approach with the right domain name – and has the potential to revolutionize an industry that has such a profound impact on their customers’ everyday lives.


A Service Just For ME

The “Mercedes.Me” platform features five key areas, all of which could be stand-alone .me domains in their own right: “Move Me”, “Connect Me”, “Assist Me”, “Finance Me” and “Inspire Me”, all of which help make the “interaction with the world of Mercedes-Benz even more individual, transparent, attractive and convenient.”

After registering, owners get access to these categories with their personal ID. The idea of personalizing customer care and creating a connection with consumers clearly resonates in these five areas. Short, clear, and memorable, the names of the sections clearly speak to their purpose – and the opportunities offered are truly remarkable:

“Move Me” will help you find and book taxis, chauffeur services or rental cars, while “Assist Me” provides Mercedes owners with the opportunity to arrange servicing appointments and calculate servicing costs, and is available 24/7. “Finance Me” – you’ve guessed it – helps navigate financial, leasing and insurance options, and “Inspire Me” takes you from the practical to the possible, introducing new developments and providing a space for customer feedback. Lastly, the “Connect Me” feature saves up those valuable hours spent searching for your car in the parking lot, and more: the Remote online” function is able to locate the vehicle, check whether doors have been locked, and assess fuel levels. In addition, this incredible feature helps with maintenance and breakdown management, and includes an emergency call system and telediagnosis.

All you need to do now? Drive safely.

For more stories on big brands that elevated their marketing efforts with a .me domain, and further analysis of this laudable Mercedes-Benz venture, check out our blog next month!


Masa Djikanovic

A Community Manager at the .ME Registry, Maša holds a B.A. in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and Spanish from Wellesley College, and has spent a semester in Argentina drinking mate and writing essays on human rights. Prior to joining the .ME team, she worked for the Montenegrin government, but unfortunately never got to be President. Favorite things include traveling, chocolate, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and xkcd.

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