Michel Nkuindja: Game Designer Who Reached His Dream

Michel Nkuindja: Game Designer Who Reached His Dream

Ever since he was a little boy, Michel Nkuindja was fascinated by African culture, its tales, stories, legends, and myths. 

He wanted to find a way to transmit those stories to others and preserve all the diversities of rich African culture. He wanted to keep the essence of Africa alive.

And that’s exactly what he did.

In 2017, Michel set up his own creative company Noohkema Game Studios, in Yaounde Cameroon. His goal was to create video games and animated films that promote African culture. His wish was to change the way the world sees Africa. And wishes do come true. 

Let’s see what he has to say about his career and personal branding!

How did Michel Nkuindja start his journey?

Michel got his bachelor’s degree in electronics and later specialized in Industrial Data Processing.  However, he always knew there’s something else he wanted to do. Something creative. Meaningful. That’s why he, after spending six years working for various companies, decided to go back to school and start over. However, this time it wasn’t his parents who made the choice for him. He was the one to do it. And he chose a game design training school. 

Michel Nkuindja Game Designer

Even though the creative sector in Africa was not as developed as it could have been, Michel was persistent. He was trying to find a way to live off his passion, so he analyzed the situation at the market. He concluded that the mobile gaming industry has the most chances to take off. Therefore, he focused all his attention on creating brilliant mobile video games for the African market. 

In 2017, Michel set up his own creative company Noohkema Game Studios in Yaounde, Cameroon.

This only goes to show that you should always follow your dreams and passions, no matter the circumstances.

Michel Nkuindja did it, and look where he is now – a successful entrepreneur doing something he loves. He was always video games and comics junkie, longing to create works that highlight African culture. And he managed to do so despite the unfavorable situation creative industries were facing back in the day. 

So he launched an independent game studio called Noohkema Game Studios in 2017. 

About Michel Nkuindja’s career

Noohkema Game Studios proved to be an enormous success. 


Originality has always been the most important key to success, no matter the industry in question. Unique, authentic, one-of-a-kind, and groundbreaking products or services will help you break through the clutter. You will gain the upper hand and make lasting impressions on your consumers – something every entrepreneur should strive for.

Michel Nkuindja Game Designer career

Michel Nkuindja’s games are exactly like that – original, breathtaking, innovative, state-of-the-art tributes to his homeland. He is trying to keep up the pace with the constantly evolving gaming industry and meet the growing expectations gamers have. Moreover, he puts his heart and soul into every single project, ensuring his games provide a unique gaming experience. 

Along the way, Michel learned that marketing is the backbone of every industry these days. No matter how great your product is, if you don’t know how to advertise it, it might go completely unnoticed. That’s why it is crucial to be versatile and possess at least basic marketing skills. You have to learn to adapt to the market in order to sell your products. Michel knows this and hopes to further develop his marketing skills. 

About personal branding 

For Michel Nkuindja, his personal website was his ticket to successful personal branding.

A carefully designed personal website that features the real Michel helped him introduce himself to the world. It enabled him to take control of his digital footprint and own the content he creates. It allowed him to unveil his persona to the world. To show people who he truly is and what he is all about. To help them understand him better. In fact, a personal website was Michel’s chance to be heard and understood. And he used it wisely. 

how important is personal branding for a game developer

Not everyone is a website developer and not everyone has a knack for design. However, with all the tools and website templates available, creating your own site has never been easier. And the benefits of having it are definitely worth setting aside an hour or two to create a simple website. You can always opt for a one-pager just use it strategically and you’ll have plenty of room for everything you wish to say.

Just like Michel’s website is focused on him, your personal website should be focused on you. Your domain name speaks volumes about you. If you want to build a personal brand it’s best to do it under your own name. And what speaks “this is me” more than pairing your name with a highly personal .ME domain? Let the whole world know just how unique you are. 

To sum up

Michel Nkuindja managed to achieve his life-long dream and bring African stories to life. He combined his two passions, one for African culture and one for gaming, in an effort to create something amazing. 

To say he did an awesoME job would be an understatement. He did so much more – he showed the world how being proud of your heritage looks.

Kudos, Michel, and we wish you the best of luck on all your future endeavors! 


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