Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana – We Visited, Mentored And This Is What We Got!

Today we visited Ljubljana, Slovenia to attend Mini Seedcamp conference and to check 20 startups and what are they working on. We’ve met great people and heard some great product ideas. It’s nice to see people who really believe in their ideas and work really hard to make them happen.

Mini Seedcamp Ljubljana gathered 20 startups and 80 mentors all over the Europe, and some of them came to Slovenia even from Australia. Let’s see how everything rolled in Ljubljana, where our marketing director Natasa Dukanovic was one of the mentors!

Freemium Is The New Black

Every product has to have a price, of course. And many of these start-ups have had some business model, a plan on how to make profits. But a lot of them had a freemium model as well, allowing the user to test out the service and if it needs some additional features, he’ll pay for them.

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Freemium is kicking it hard in modern startups. Basically, if you have a freemium model, you’re open to the public testing (free bug reports!) and if somebody needs an extra feature and is willing to pay for it, he’s a lot more than just a new customer. People who pay for your additional features are your new loyal customers. They won’t probably even try a competitive product, they’ll stay with you, just don’t let them down.

Farms, Lean Project Management, Finding A Product… Everything Goes

We had a chance to listen and talk to different companies that attended Mini Seedcamp in Ljubljana. While you might expect that every product or service is from web or social media industry, you’d be wrong. You own a farm? Great, Farmeron will be the tool you’ll use. The guys from Croatia are working on an online farm management system which will allow you to better and easier analyze your farm’s data.

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Lean project management is a philosophy where you want to create more value, while building a minimum viable product. Since lean project management includes lean manufacturing, lean construction and lean-everything-else, you need a specialized project management tool. And here comes Blossom, lean project management system.

Summer is coming and you need a new camera. Okay, no big deal; you go to the store and choose one. Well… choosing just one isn’t like it was a few years before. There are hundreds of models for you to choose from, differentiating in some minor attributes. If you ask your followers on Twitter which one to choose, you won’t get any better information. This is where Finderly comes in, taking several arguments from several sources and picking a product so you don’t have to.

These were just a few startups that caught our eye.

Want To Change The World? Do It!

Fred Destin, board member of Seedcamp held a 45-minute master class, focusing on the lifecycle of web companies: a lot of people want to change something, start their own business and create something for themselves, but very few of them actually stand up and start working. In short, the moral of the story is: just do it. Start working, start producing, start changing the world. But do it. Maybe we’ll see you at a future Mini Seedcamp event.


Nikola Krajacic

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