Miranda Levy: A Writer And An Event Planner

Miranda Levy: A Writer And An Event Planner

Have you ever thought about the qualities a person should possess in order to become a good writer? It goes without saying that creativity, curiosity, and eloquence are among the most desirable traits if somebody wants to earn their keep as a content creator. And what about an event planner? You need to be a good communicator and a people person if you plan to organize events for a living. The question is, can you be both – a successful writer and a kick-ass event organizer? 

Of course, you can!

We’d like you to meet Miranda Levy, a .MEr who is a writer and event assistant at the same time.

Who is Miranda Levy?

Miranda Levy is a freelance writer and an event assistant from New York (Brooklyn, to be precise). She is a woman of many talents. On one hand, she loves telling stories and really knows her way around words. Miranda is a witty, clever, eloquent, creative, and pretty straight-to-the-point kinda gal. What’s more, she gets worked up whenever she stumbles upon something new and unknown, and research is her second nature. All these personality traits make Miranda a terrific writer who is not afraid to tackle even the most controversial topics. 

On the other hand, Miranda seems to be pretty skilled when it comes to event planning and organization. This stems from her love for all things visual – aesthetic is a crucial aspect for both writing and event planning. In addition, she loves organizing things, leaves nothing to chance, and doesn’t stop until everything is done. Being a great communicator and knowing how to interact with people, no matter the situation, makes her stand out from the crowd. And this is exactly what an event planner needs in order to become successful. 

When Miranda is not writing or helping to plan an event, she usually spends her time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes. Also, she loves animals and is a proud dog mom herself. 

Miranda Levy a writer and event planner

Miranda Levy: The Road to Success

Behind every successful woman are a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination. The same goes for Miranda as well. Let’s take a peek into her road to success.

Miranda’s Education and Beginnings

Even during her time in college, where her minor was Women, Gender, and Sexuality, and major was Strategic Communications, Miranda tried her hand at writing. She knew right then and there, although only a sophomore – that writing was her true calling and a career in the editorial field was something she had to pursue. 

Right around the time when she was approaching the end of her studies, Miranda began writing for the WeddingWire, one of the top online marketplaces for weddings. Additionally, she managed to get an internship position with Leilani Weddings, which helped her discover a passion for event planning. She soon learned that she had a set of skills much-needed for being able to successfully organize an event. 

From then on, Miranda never stopped. 

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Miranda’s career

So far, Miranda has had a very versatile career, which enabled her to significantly grow her skill set and expand her knowledge.

Probably one of her favorite positions was that of an editorial and events intern for the BUST Magazine. This is one of the most well-known feminist publications that dates back to the ’90s. Miranda was creating content for the lifestyle and news sections and was in charge of the magazine’s social media accounts. Also, she assisted in planning and organizing two events the magazine hosted.  

A content creator position in WeddingWire brought Miranda the opportunity to create a great deal of branded content that helped this marketplace reach a wider audience. She wrote plenty of SEO-friendly articles with high click-through rates, which helped her hone her writing and SEO skills. 

Another lifestyle publication Miranda contributed to is The Edge. Thanks to her talent, she quickly progressed from a sexual health columnist to the position of Creative Director. She was in charge of the entire creative work behind the publication, including picking the style and theme for every issue to be published. Moreover, she collaborated closely with the Editor in Chief and Design Chief, which gave her an insight into every aspect of running a magazine. 

Miranda got her first event assistant position at Leilani Weddings, where she was a wedding planning intern. This job gave her the opportunity to learn everything there is about the wedding industry, its trends, pearls, and pitfalls. In addition, she picked up a lot of useful tips and tricks concerning event planning and organization. 

Importance of personal website

What About Miranda’s Personal Website?

Personal branding is everything these days, no matter your profession. If you want to make it in the business world, you need to build a strong online persona. Miranda did exactly that – her online home speaks volumes about her both personally and professionally. She also decided to make things even more personal by using a .ME domain, which further enhanced her branding efforts.  

Miranda’s website is a true reflection of her personality – creative, well-organized, carefully designed, cheerful, and colorful. It provides all the information you might need if you were to hire an awesoME content creator. Or an event planner who will help you organize a killer public or private event. 

To Sum Up

Being a writer/event planner means having a plethora of talents and personality traits, such as great creativity, outstanding eloquence, exceptional organizational skills, and an ability to understand, communicate, and get on well with people. 

Miranda Levy has it all, which makes her a splendid writer and an even better event planner.

Great job, Miranda, keep doing what you do best!  


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