Moe Abbas – A Software Engineer Who Loves Learning

Moe Abbas – A Software Engineer Who Loves Learning

If there’s one thing great people don’t avoid, it’s a challenge. They see challenges, and even failures, as opportunities to learn and to improve. Whether it’s in business, personal life, or through self-improvement, they’re always learning and trying to be better versions of themselves.

We’d like to think that most .MErs share a love for learning, and Moe Abbas is here to prove us right. Moe is an Australian infrastructure software engineer with over a decade of experience in Java object-oriented application development. He’s constantly looking for new learning opportunities and doesn’t shy away from taking on challenging projects.

We’re delighted to be able to tell you more about him!

Who Is Moe Abbas?

Let’s start with the basics. Moe is a software engineer with years of experience in designing software solutions and running complex and challenging projects. He’s been working in software development since 2012.

Moe has a strong knowledge of infrastructures such as code, Java, DevOps, security, compliance, and cloud architecture. In his own words, he’s an active, goal-oriented team member that demonstrates initiative.

Moe Abbas is a software engineer with years of experience designing software solutions and running complex and challenging projects.

Moe started working as a customer service sales assistant at Kmart. He then went on to work for two companies as a software engineer. Both companies frequently promoted him, so Moe had the opportunity to learn from multiple roles while working there.

Thus, Moe has worked at two companies in total as a software engineer. But that doesn’t mean he got stuck in a comfort zone that he’s afraid to leave. His career shows a clear upward trajectory, and he’s rarely stayed in a single position for long in a single company. The scope of his responsibilities is an unmistakable indication of the trust he earned at his workplace. It also shows his drive, ambition, and curiosity.

Now let’s go into more detail about his work and his achievements.

From A Sales Assistant To A Top Software Engineer

Most software developers wouldn’t bother including their work experience as a supermarket sales assistant in their resume. Some would see it as irrelevant, and others would be embarrassed. Moe Abbas is neither of those.

In College

Throughout his university years, Moe worked as a customer service sales assistant at Kmart, an Australian-based chain of retail stores.

Spending more than four years in a customer-facing role is a valuable experience. It teaches patience and a whole set of important soft skills that most people in tech jobs sadly neglect.

While we can’t be sure, his time at Kmart probably did help him develop a solid foundation for his career.

Starting To Work As A Software Engineer

His first proper engagement in the IT industry was in the graduate program for Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company. During his time there, he honed his skills acquired at the university. He worked as a Java programmer, business analyst, project manager, front-end web developer, and tester.

Moe’s performance was so remarkable that he got promoted at Telstra. They first promoted him to a technology specialist position and then to a senior role. He took on ever-increasing responsibilities and more challenging projects. This helped him further improve his skills and take on a position at Canva as a backend engineer.

He quickly moved up in the company, becoming the first member of the security team as a senior software engineer. Moe designed and implemented AWS strategies, dealt with compliance, and mentored new engineers.

As a cloud team lead, Moe’s role is keeping his team motivated, aligned, and empowered to do the best work.

After that, he moved on to become a cloud platform lead and a cloud team lead. Moe helped form the Cloud Team from scratch, scaling it up from two to seven engineers. Since taking on the position, he helped put together a long-term roadmap, helped devise strategies around personal and professional growth and development, and coordinated projects that impacted the organization as a whole.

As a cloud team lead, Moe’s role is keeping his team motivated, aligned, and empowered to do the best work. Yet Moe is far from being just a manager! He still very much works closely with coding and is involved in every solution coming out of the team.

It is a dynamic field, but this is a steep career trajectory that showcases Moe’s talent and drive more than anything else.

Moe’s Digital Footprint

Now let’s talk about Moe Abbas’ digital presence. His website,, is clean, delightfully minimalist, and immediately shows you what he’s all about. It’s clear that he’s a consummate professional who keeps his private life private.

Moe’s website is a part of his personal brand – professional, confident, and to the point.

There are no links to his social media profiles (except for LinkedIn), no galleries, or information about hobbies. Additional information is on his LinkedIn, StackOverflow, and GitHub pages. This is a man who’s conscious about what parts of himself he should show and when.

While he’s not showing us any details from his private life, that doesn’t mean his website is bland. Far from it! It shows us exactly who he is as a professional and what we can expect from him. It’s a concise insight into Moe Abbas from a business perspective. In addition, his website is a part of his personal brand – professional, confident, and to the point.

Wrapping Up

Usually, a software engineer won’t have a career trajectory this steep. Professionals like Moe are indeed a rare find. However, they show just how much drive counts for and how much one can accomplish with dedication and talent.

He’s another member of the .ME family who’s making us proud. Both his professional achievements and his willingness to learn and take on ever-greater challenges are astonishing.

Keep up the good work, Moe. We’re sure you’ll continue to impress.


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