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Raising a new human being to be good, kind and compassionate is hard work. Kids are prone to test our limits and exactly how far we can bend before snapping… and we all snap sometimes. It’s is usually especially hard for moms, not dads, because they still tend to spend more time with the children.

We are stressed and trying hard to be good moms, keep them clean, feed them well and discipline them the right way. When dads take over (because moms need to get haircuts once in a while, too), it’s usually a vacation for kids: they can eat chips and pizza and watch cartoons for hours. Dads have it easy, they can be fun and relaxed, because it’s the mom that keeps things under control and little fingers our of electricity sockets. Not always, but that’s usually the case.

Mom.ME – From Expert Advice to Real Life Situations

You can find a plethora of topics for moms on Mom.ME

Parents read a lot of articles and books about parenting, healthcare and nutrition in an attempt to be the best they can. Mom.ME is a website build for mothers, with advices and articles on anything you might need. You can read an expert opinion on why flu shots are important for both you and your kids or lighter articles like how one mom with kids in school handled parents with bad email etiquette.

If you need ideas on how to decorate Christmas cookies to make them extra special, you will 24 ways to do so in the Food section of the website. Jewish moms might be interesting in how to make the best Hanukkah dinner, and everybody will benefit from the article on turning your living room into a gym. Who has time to go to the gym nowadays, especially if you can do all the workout at home, while keeping an eye on your kid playing in the corner?

Mom.Me Community Forums – Ask for advice, Opinions or Simply – Vent!

Mom.ME has a forum section as well

Reading about parenting is nice and helpful, but sometimes you might require feedback on how you handled a situation. More often than not, you might simply want to complain to someone who understands what you’re going through and will hear you out without judging you. That’s why the forum section of the website is amazing – it is filled with moms in the same position as you are!

If you are a mom, this is certainly a website worth checking out. For dads reading us, do consider bookmarking this and showing it to your significant other, she will appreciate it, especially if you follow up with “Here, honey, while you explore this website, I will make lunch!


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