Montenegro to Host Opening of Web Fest 2011

Podgorica, Montenegro – Feb. 22, 2011 – The .ME Registry is proud to announce that Montenegro will host the opening of the 2011 Web Fest, Eastern Europe’s largest Internet conference. The event, sponsored this year by the .ME Registry, opens Sept. 22 and remains open through November. The annual festival and conference is the region’s effort at raising public awareness about the widespread value of Web technology, breakthroughs, communication and the ever-growing efforts of Internet entrepreneurs. It will highlight some of the most encouraging progress being made in project development with the goal of providing community education on how to best use the Internet in everyday life.

“No other tool or technology has so drastically changed our individual lives. The world is literally at everyone’s fingertips now,” notes Predrag Lesic, executive director of the .ME Registry. “Millions and millions of people across the globe now find themselves using the Internet on a regular a basis and wondering how they ever survived without it!  We are proud to sponsor this conference to honor all those who have paved the way for this brilliant technology and all those who are hoping to introduce the next great Internet innovation.”

“The dot-ME Registry is a leading domain company in Southeastern Europe,” says Srdjan Erceg, one of the key organizers of Web Fest.  “The dot-ME Registry has always been committed to promoting quality online Web content so its sponsorship of this year’s Web Fest conference is a perfect partnership.”

The first Web Fest was held in 2007 when a group of Internet enthusiasts and technology lovers highlighted the efforts of the daring souls whose successful projects were being launched on the Web. The festival has consistently grown larger over the years, drawing the attention and participation of authors, artists, businessmen, educationalists, scientists and even actors. One of the biggest points of interest is the submission of new and innovative Internet projects for award consideration. The awards are set to be broadcast live at the event’s closing. Submission categories are still being structured, but are likely to include awards for projects such as information delivery, business use, personal use and blogging.

Since Web Fest began, 5,000 websites and Internet projects have competed for the international limelight during the festival. To learn more about Web Fest or how to submit a contest entry, visit You can also visit Web Fest on Facebook at

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