Motivate Your Kids to Learn During a Staycation

Motivate Your Kids to Learn During a Staycation

With the outbreak of Covid-19 coronavirus, adults across the world are trying to find ways to utilize the time spent at home in the most productive ways. However, children might experience this impromptu staycation differently. So, how to motivate your kids to learn, and simulate the normal environment? We’ve got the answers!

Introduce Online Learning Tools

Whether your kid’s school has not yet begun with online classes or not, you might be worried about the amount of screen time your child is exposed to, as they browse YouTube, TikTok and their favourite game (Minecraft and Fortnite you say?). While this situation might remind you of a never-ending weekend (minus the playing outside part), there are tools that will prompt and engage and motivate your kids to learn on their terms – online. 

App for Interactive Physics and Chemistry knowledge

Have you heard of Vividbooks? This online platform is a library of interactive knowledge that includes Physics and Chemistry lessons. Vividbooks app is a combination of real and digital world tasks that challenge and stimulate a child to be mentally active and engaged. 

App for Learning Math

Tools That Will Motivate your Kid to Learn During a Staycation

Known as chocolate-covered broccoli equivalent to math, Prodigy games will have your kids engaged and learning math in no time. This fun and interactive game captures kids attention and stimulates their learning process. Best part? As a parent with a Prodigy Parent account, you can set Goals, give Rewards, monitor progress and receive Report Cards.

App for Learning to Read, Write and do Basic Math

Primarily created for African countries, but can be used worldwide, Kukua app teaches kids the basics of reading, writing and math through a cleverly created game that inspires kids to engage with content and learn quickly. With a wide range of DIY and STEM powers, kids successfully solve the game’s quest.

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App for Creating a Video Game

Tools That Will Motivate your Kid to Learn During a Staycation

Another great app that sparks creativity and imagination while having fun. DoodleMatic game app lets kids create a game on their own. With the help of software, a kid draws a game on paper using colours that let the app differentiate between an avatar, a goal, a hazard or movable objects. After the kid finishes designing the game, they can take a picture of their design on paper through the DoodleMatic app. Once they do that, the drawing on the paper becomes a video game. 

The First Coding Steps

If your kids have never learnt to code before, but are showing interest and aptitude for it, here’s something that will help them understand the world of programming. Learning computer science when the schools are closed has never been easier than with Code (we advise you to remember this for the kids’ summer holiday). 

There are different levels adjusted for kids all ages (including high schoolers), and recently they have created a course for developing the first website.

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Platform for Aspiring Coders

Tools That Will Motivate your Kid to Learn During a Staycation

Scratch platform allows kids to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations, and after share those with their friends. The platform also offers a vast number of free courses and tutorials. Using Scratch kids gain skills such as thinking creatively, systematic reasoning, and work collaboratively. 

Website for Learning through Video Games

Academics is a platform that offers a variety of games that can boost your child’s engagement and fact fluency. The games on the platform are free multiplayer educational games that cover topics such as math, language arts, geography, the subject of money and others. The platform has different games sorted out to support different grades (from grade 1 to 6).

Website featuring Unofficial Online School

Khan Academy provides a personalised learning experience for all students of all grades. On this platform, you can find various practice exercises, educational and instructional videos and personalised learning dashboard. These tools aim to empower learners to take learning at their own pace, while acquiring the best experience. As a parent, you can create your profile through which you can monitor the progress of your kid. 

Khan Academy has partnered up with some of the most renowned institutions, such as NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT in order to provide the specially tailored content. 

Guide them, Don’t Control them

Tools That Will Motivate your Kid to Learn During a Staycation

Any change, however big or small, can be tough on a kid. Our job is to support them through the adjustment period and make sure we supply them with the best tools possible. It is up to us to help them develop a routine and set some structure in a newfound situation. We should do our best for this process to be an enjoyable experience. But what we should keep in mind, especially during times like this which can invoke panic and fear, is to set an example. 

As parents, it is important to guide your children by introducing and teaching them how to use tools and technology to help make education a positive and fun experience. With some kids, the process of learning goes faster as they are more motivated to acquire new knowledge, while with others that is not the case. Remember, kids are eager to learn, as they are curious by nature. Therefore, find what interests your kid and they to approach them by using different methods. Think of it as chocolate-covered broccoli. 

Refrain from asserting control over the studying process. This is important as kids lose interest when they notice they have no voice in the matter. Think of this as a bonding opportunity, that will allow your kid to learn creative ways of acquiring knowledge. 

One Last Tip to Motivate Your Kids to Learn

There are numerous tools on the market that can help you swerve your kid’s attention from the activities that increase screen time without adding a significant value to your kid’s development. If your kid is having a hard time focusing on a given task, investigate why. Is it because they are secretly playing a game instead of learning? If so, consider installing a Stay Focused App. This time tracker will keep your kid concentrating on their work and allow them to study better. The app, based on Pomodoro technique, has a twofold benefit. Firstly, it limits distractions from chosen websites (by blocking them for a period of time). And secondly, it allows study time frames of 25 minutes.

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