Movieo.Me Takes Care Of All Your First World Movie Problems

Movieo.Me Takes Care Of All Your First World Movie Problems

What movie are we going to watch? It’s a question that may have triggered a breakup/divorce/feud among friends or two. It’s also one of the leading causes of eternal scrolling through movie review sites and hours long two-line conversations building on the general motif of “What’d ya wanna watch – Dunno” .

Two developers decided to end this first world problem – Ivor Reić, in charge of design and front-end, and Vedran Marčetić, responsible for scaling and back-end, are the guys you get to thank for

Good design, Great Options

It’s a place for browsing and discovering movies that’s a tool you’l love using for several simple reasons: It has a nice user interface, great search options and filters, and combines IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes info all in one place. It also allows you to check if the movie’s available on Netflix, iTunes or Amazon, so it’s basically your movie one stop shop, save for the popcorn – you’ll have to get that your self.

The filters include year of release as well as different time periods, minimum score on movieo, rotten Tomatos or IMDB, genres, country of origin, runtime (I personally really dig this option) and PG ratings.

The site had a mini-launch on Hacker News and Reddit so that creators may get feedback from early users. The turnout was great, and the Hacker News post had a far greater reach than was expected – movieo was visited by more than 100,000 people in a week.

This gave them some valuable information for the further development of the project – the largest number of requests related to the integration of streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, and get other useful ideas, such as the hiding of films that have already been (re)viewed, importing the list of movies with IMDB and similar options.

No Ads – Pinky Swear

This was originally a hobby project, but the team keeps working on improving it and making it an even better solution. And they promise they’ll keep a nice clean interface for you:

There are no ugly ads, no annoying pop-ups, no catch – it’s free. We’ll keep improving it as time passes. For now we’d appreciate your feedback. Both criticism and praise are welcome.

Have I helped you solve a first world problem? My, I should get my own super hero movie. And so should these two guys 🙂


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