Not So Average Steve: A Coach And Venture Capitalist

Not So Average Steve: A Coach And Venture Capitalist

There is one thing all industries have in common: a constant drive for innovation, growth and creativity. Enter Steve Schlafman (, a venture capitalist who seems to have an investment hand in all segments of life.

You name it. From car insurance and organic feminine care products, to micro-schools, support for survivors of assault, and on-demand drone deliveries for the world. Some people do it all, yet Schlafman invests in it all.

For Schlafman, innovation truly does flow easily and effortlessly. And so does his creativity and resourcefulness. All of these make the world a safer and better place.

Steve Of All Trades?

Per Schlafman (Schlaf for short) himself, he built his career in and across niche markets. His powerful presence in multiple business arenas allowed him to become a force to be reckoned with in the coaching industry.

So far, Schlaf held positions as a facilitator, speaker, former operator, venture capitalist and certified coach. This gave him deeper insight into a wide range of business areas. And thus he made his mark in the world, having invested in over 50 startups since 2017.

Worthy of mention are also his positions at The New England Patriots, RRE Ventures,, Microsoft, and Massive.

His broad knowledge has enabled him to push the limits of what seems possible in almost every niche. Currently, he’s on a break from investing to focus on empowering future creators to realize their full potential.

“This phase of my life is dedicated to helping the creators of tomorrow realize their full potential as humans and leaders.”

Schlaf’s portfolio is brimming with successful investments. His approach to investment projects is marked by a unique blend of creativity and professionalism.

With his tirelessness and wit, he rose to heights and wrote his name in gold across investment and coaching skies. He’s also fond of side projects, which allow him to stay at the peak. It’s almost ironic that a man whose name means “sleep” in German just doesn’t seem to stop! 

Currently, he’s the head of High Output, a boutique leadership development company. He’s also actively engaged in side projects such as The Founder Library, Tapestry, and The Ultimate Annual Review.

Steve’s Venture Capitalist Endeavors

Schlaf’s long list of investment endeavors includes:

  • Clubhouse, a drop-in audio chat,
  • Loop, a fair and transparent car insurance project,
  • Carefull security system for parents’ money,
  • Citizen, safety and awareness network, and
  • Zipline, on-demand drone delivery for the world

Apart from that, he also has a hand in Oui The People and Lola, two female-focused platforms, and Heat Watch, the platform to help buildings reduce oil consumption. 

Schlaf’s portfolio is brimming with successful efforts, and his approach to investment projects is marked by a unique blend of creativity and professionalism.

Schlafman has also invested in wellness and recovery programs such as:

  • Halcyon Health, an evidence-based addiction recovery program,
  • Leda Health, a project featuring tools and services for survivors of assault,
  • Retreat Guru, a marketplace for wellness retreats,
  • Opal, digital wellbeing assistant, and
  • The Cru, the constellation of women committed to helping each other thrive.

The list does not end there, though! Schlaf also invested in education-centered platforms such as Schoolhouse, a platform for micro-schools and Brightwheel, a SaaS early education program.

The Legacy Of A Universal Man

Schlaf obviously cares about employee rights and workplace wellness. This could be why he contributed to projects oriented on employees and just making their lives easier. Some of these are:

  •, which focuses on automated creativity tools and can automatically generate marketing copy in seconds,
  • Every, a writer collective focused on business,
  • Nava, which centers on the future of employee health benefits,
  • Storyboard, a private audio hosting platform for teams and enterprises, and
  • Spot, a mobile product for walking meetings.

Furthermore, some of his investments went into:

  • Superpeer, a video platform that allows video calls with influencers and experts,
  • Murmur, a collaborative platform to share working agreements,
  • Unit, a set of tools for employees to improve the workplace, and
  • Rewatch, a secure video platform for teams.

Now let’s turn to his investments in coaching endeavors. These include: Teal, On Deck and Practice, and The Browser Co, a project for a better way to use the internet. On top of that, this venture capitalist invested into even more endeavors. These include: Boom Aerospace, Breather, ClassDojo, Floored, Genius, Giphy, SmartThings, View The Space

“I have invested in more than 50 startups since 2017. … As of October 2021, I am taking a pause from investing so I can focus all of my energy on coaching and other pursuits.”

Let’s stop with lists now, though! By all his achievements, we can easily see that Schlafman is a pioneer of a kind. But he also allows himself fun and rest, too. He takes bragging rights as a devoted husband and father. And he loves cooking, reading, music, cycling, meditation, and enjoying time in nature.

Final Word

For Schlaf, the present is bright. Same goes for his future – painted in the vivid colors of equality, empathy and improvement in all spheres of life.

For Schlaf, the future is bright and painted in the colors of equality, empathy and an ever-growing thirst for knowledge and improvement in all spheres of life.

Odds are we are yet to witness his future success. His venture capitalist efforts and superior coaching will bring about changes across industries. And thus, he will make the planet a better and friendlier place for everyone.

Kudos, Schlaf!


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