Nthabi Kamala: Activist and Strategist Rolled Into One

Nthabi Kamala: Activist and Strategist Rolled Into One

Have you ever wondered who are the people who have changed the world? What are they like? How do they do it? Where do they find the strength and courage to raise their voice and openly criticize well-established patterns, opinions, and attitudes? One of those people is Nthabi Kamala – an activist, leader, and a proud member of our .ME family who is not afraid to tell the truth. 

So, let’s see what she is all about. 

About Nthabi Kamala

Nthabi Kamala would be best described as a freethinker, nonconformist, truth-seeker, and passionate plant lover. She is a woman who knows exactly what questions to ask in order to get to the bottom of things. To unfold the truth and then speak openly about it. A woman who dares to criticize all the wrongs of our society in an effort to make things right. To change our world for the better. And she is doing a wonderful job!

When it comes to her personality, Nthabi Kamala lets her passion, energy, and critical thinking lead her through life. She believes that, in order to be successful in what you do, you have to be passionate about it. To believe in yourself and your emotions and act in accordance with your beliefs. Only then will your voice be powerful enough to make an actual impact – to correct the wrongs and protect the rights.   

Nthabi Kamala is an activist, leader, and a proud member of our .ME community who is not afraid to tell the truth.

For Nthabi, passion for life is her fuel. It is what drives her, inspires her, makes her want to become the best version of herself. In her quest to find out more about the miracle of life, she tends to gather as many experiences as she can in order to form an unbiased opinion of her own. She voices those opinions through what she does – strategy, design, branding, activism, and leadership. 

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About Nthabi’s career

Nthabi Kamala’s career path is a very vivid one, just like her life. She graduated from the Boston College, Carroll School of Management, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Management. However, she started paving her road to success even before she finished college.

Her first job was as an administrative assistant at Boston College. During her time there, she honed her people skills, learned how to best approach people, and manage potential crisis situations. In the meantime, Nthabi realized that she enjoys expressing her thoughts and ideas through art. She also discovered that she can use art, namely graphic design and illustration, to help organizations spread their message to the world.

Nthabi is a co-founder of FACES, an anti-racist organization dedicated to informing and educating the BC community about some of the most detrimental issues society faces today, including identity, racism, and privilege.

Still a college student at that time, Nthabi started working as a designer at Boston College Media Technology Services. Working there gave her the opportunity to learn how to create logo designs, illustrations, web graphics, promotional flyers, and other marketing materials. 

It was only natural that Nthabi’s next job was at the well-known marketing, advertising, and PR agency called Ogilvy. As a brand planning intern, she learned how to carry out thorough market research, conduct interviews to collect valuable information concerning clients and perform a situational analysis. What’s more, she worked with some of the greatest brands out there, including Nationwide and IKEA, and Samsung.

Moreover, in 2019 and 2020 Nthabi participated in a marketing fellowship program called 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP). The program is based on various professional development workshops, which allowed her to improve her skill set even more. Also, the year 2020 saw Nthabi try her luck as a strategy intern at 22Squared, all thanks to her MAIP participation. 

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Co-Founder of FACES: Anti-Racist Organisation

Today, Nthabi is known as a co-founder of FACES, an anti-racist organization dedicated to informing and educating the BC community about some of the most detrimental issues society faces today, including identity, racism, and privilege. The organization promotes social interactions, discussions, dialogues, and workshops in an effort to challenge certain pre-existing notions concerning racial polarization and other forms of oppression. Such an educational approach is much needed if we are ever to eradicate deep-rooted prejudices that are the cause of many evils in this world.  

About Nthabi’s online presence

about Nthabi Kamala

As someone who had their fair share of experience with marketing, Nthabi is well-aware of the importance of online representation of our own persona. As we live in an era when the difference between online and offline is slowly disappearing, the impression we leave in the online world matters a lot. Our online home is our chance to build a personal brand that will truly do us justice. That’s why we need to take special care of our digital footprint and show the world who we really are

She voices her opinions through what she does – strategy, design, branding, activism, and leadership.

Nthabi Kamala did this by choosing the most personal domain in the world – .ME domain. Opting for a personalized domain sends a clear message to anyone who visits her website – this is me and I am proud of who I am. Such an approach does not only speak volumes about your inner self, but it also differentiates you from all the others who are doing the same thing as you. And in a world where competition is fierce, this is a real gamechanger.    

When it comes to the appearance of Nthabi’s personal website, the design reveals that she is very fond of simplicity. The site is minimalistic, with a clear and concise structure. It includes only the most essential information about Nthabi and her work. The colors are soothing and there’s nothing to distract you. Without any doubt, Nthabi’s online home is pretty straight to the point, as well as Nthabi herself. 

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To sum up

Some might say that breaking down deep-seated patterns is a task doomed in advance. However, the power to change the world lies deep inside every one of us. We just need to believe in ourselves and be brave enough to voice our opinions. To tell the truth.

Just like our amazing .MEr Nthabi Kamala is doing every single day. 

Kudos, Nthabi, just keep doing what you do best! 


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