Optimiza: The Future of Consulting, ICT Systems, and Digital Transformation

Optimiza: The Future of Consulting, ICT Systems, and Digital Transformation

Regardless of whether you run a vast and well-established business or just a small startup company with a couple of dozen employees, you want to make sure it runs like a well-oiled machine. You want to make sure you are able to keep any negative surprises at bay at all times.

It is a common misconception that “only big companies need to invest in management consultant services.” The real truth is, however, that the companies of all shapes and sizes should find a way to optimize their business flow by hiring a professional management consulting agency that is capable of keeping their performance on the right track and making sure their client’s business is running smoothly and without a hitch.  

However, many companies still fail to realize just how vital the following values are:

  • Client Focus
  • Commitment & Accountability
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Innovation & Change
  • People & Teamwork

Optimiza is not one of those companies.

The story of Optimiza

The avid team over at Optimiza realized that MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region lacked an all-around agency that effectively and professionally tackles consulting, business applications, ICT solutions, industry software application, outsourcing, and training, which triggered them to approach this market head-on.

With over 35 years of expertise in various fields and niches crucial for business management, Optimiza’s experts decided to create an operative network of offices that is strongly backed by a plethora of both global and local partnerships and technology companies. Their strong global and regional presence landed them numerous big projects, with the primary focus on local details and requirements. This soon made Optimiza a leader when it comes to systems integration and digital transformation solutions in the MENA region.

We want to become a leading Regional Technology Systems Integration company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Their team knows exactly what their clients need in order to excel and reach desired profitability, which makes them fully capable of successfully integrating and delivering original, and more importantly – effective solutions in the fields of business growth, consulting, and technology, with an emphasis on client satisfaction.

Optimiza management team works closely with over 250 experts who possess various skill sets, specializations, and extensive industry experience and are capable of delivering services, management, training, and support of highest commitment and quality, especially in the following industries:

  • Enterprises/Companies/Startups
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications



Optimiza Solutions

As one of the most prominent companies that deal with the integration of the ICT systems, Optimiza takes pride in delivering only the highest quality services in each of the practices this company deploys. The team behind the agency approaches each client with the same level of professionalism and they work hard to understand what the key business drivers are for each company they work with. This enables them to develop specially optimized projects and help organizations overcome their biggest challenges, without any hiccups in their business flow.

To achieve this, Optimiza works on implementing innovative, internally developed off-the-shelf Intellectual Property-based software, third-party apps and hardware, and bespoke software apps. They try to provide their useful products and practical solutions under the following three pillars:

  • Business Applications
  • Infrastructure Solutions (IS)
  • Industry Specific Software Applications

Optimiza’s groundbreaking ideas can best be seen via their focus business management solutions, which include:

Infrastructure Solutions – Information & Communication Technologies (ICT); VNS Solutions (Video Conferencing, Networking, and Security); Computing and Storage Solutions and Services;


Optimized Industry Software & Applications They deploy customized, end-to-end technology services, applications, and solution implementations (more on their IP products below

Cloud Advisory Services – Cloud Transformation & Enablement that include Strategy, Planning, Cloud Assessment & Readiness, Design, Public Cloud Selection, TCO. They also have Applications Modernization & Migration strategy programs, as well as Cloud Capacity Building, and many more.  

Optimiza Products

Aside from various innovative services they offer, Optimiza works on developing many business management and growth products that will help their many clients improve operational efficiency and enhance their overall performance via customized systems and end-to-end technology services and products. Optimiza’s systems and products boast versatility, user-friendliness, security, and efficiency, especially in work fields that include insurance, client focus, document management, accounting, HR, and banking.

Some of their most used IP solutions include:

  • AMAN – An insurance management system designed to meet the highest international standards and requirements.
  • eHOpe – an Optimiza solution that offers full-suite services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare institutions.
  • AML CONNECT – modular system designed to provide Banks with the ability to report to Anti Money Laundering Unit all suspicious transactions and activities.
  • ImageLinks – An Enterprise Document Management Solution that allows the capturing, indexing, organization, sharing, and easy retrieval of various types of documents.
  • Ideal Accountant – Optimiza’s financial accounting and analysis solution for small and medium enterprises.



What Makes Optimiza Unique

Though Optimiza (the name under which Al-Faris National Investment Group operates) manages several globally successful clients, their main advantage is the ability and willingness to utilize and invest their world-class resources into meeting the unique needs of local business and projects. No project is “too small” or “too big” for the Optimiza team and they approach each new endeavor with the highest levels of zeal, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

Their main advantage is the ability and willingness to utilize and invest their world-class resources into meeting the unique needs of local business and projects.

The company currently possesses operating offices in Jordan (which is the headquarters of Optimiza), while there are also offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Morocco. Their vast network of partnerships, experts, and investors reaches almost every major city in the MENA region, which is a yet another proof that this agency tailors each project and turnkey solution according to their clients’ specific needs and specifications.

Aside from their infrastructure and ICT solutions, Optimiza has also launched several new programs that include Low Current Systems Integration project called the Mega Projects Unit which main aim is to address the ever-increasing technological needs of large-scale construction projects. In addition, they’ve put substantial efforts into becoming the first certified Jordan-based CMMI L-3company thanks to their unique approach and framework that echoed globally within the last several years or so.

The Mission

Optimiza proudly boasts a rather challenging mission which is “to become a leading Regional Technology Systems Integration company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).” They plan to achieve this by focusing even more on the following:

  • Cutting-edge technologies
  • Top-drawer customer relations and partnerships
  • World-class resources
  • Properly governed systems and methodologies

Optimiza Helped Many Businesses Across the Globe

Though MENA region based clients are their primary target market, Optimiza works with some of the leading global-scale brands like Societe Generale. You can take a closer look at how efficient Optimiza really is via this link where you can read their success stories and project showcases in which they explain in great detail how they managed to solve some of the biggest challenges their clients failed to surmount on their own.

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