Orate: A Perfect Platform for Finding Event Speakers

Orate: A Perfect Platform for Finding Event Speakers

The days when we had to waste time by endlessly searching for what we need are long gone. Thanks to the quick rise of online markets, everything we want is available in a matter of clicks, be it a product or a service. Now, it can even be an expert speaker for an upcoming event.

Come in Orate. A marketplace dedicated to helping event organizers and public speakers get in touch with each other. Launched back in 2014, Orate has since then managed to seize momentum. Orate transformed the industry, providing greater opportunities for both speakers and events organizers.

Not your average event speakers’ bureau: Full control over fees and content

Not your average event speakers bureau

With Orate, finding talent and connecting the events in need of speakers  has become quick and easy affordable. Event organizers can get in touch with a large pool of industry specialists while staying within their budget.

In addition to facilitating event organizers’ search for public speakers, Orate.me allows speakers to make the transition from unpaid to paid work.

Orate is a simple yet comprehensive platform. It allows industry experts to create a profile and look into events in need of speakers within their field of expertise. By doing so, Orate has made it much easier for event speakers to build their brand and market their services online.

Orate makes it so easy for event speakers to build their brand and market their services online.

Unlike most standard speakers’ bureaus, Orate doesn’t require speakers to charge a minimum fee. Instead, Orate treats speakers as free agents who have full control over their fees, schedule, and content. For speakers who do charge for their services, Orate receives a commission. In the meantime, access to speakers who deliver their services free of charge is covered by a flat fee collected from event organizers.

From free to paid, yet open: How Orate changes game for event speakers and organizers

How Orate changes the game for event speakers and organizers

What sets Orate apart from similar platforms? According to Orate, they operate with requirements in terms of sign up fee, monthly fee, speaking fee and exclusivity contacts. A speaker can easily create a profile and start their search for events in need of services after uploading their picture.

When it comes to speaking topics, the Orate network is open to speakers across industries.

As long as speakers have the knowledge and are passionate to share it, they can get hired.

Orate works like this. Speakers can submit proposals for individual events. Event organizers then have the option to contact speakers they like at a favorable price.

The platform is open to all experts who wish to share their knowledge and insights. And this is what really makes Orate stand out. The platform does not list any requirements with regard to topics or prior public speaking experience. As long as speakers have the knowledge and passion for sharing it, they can get hired by event organizers.

Orate.ME Website: Secure, Accessible, and Easy To Use

Orate also takes pride in superior data safety. It follows best practices for data storage and delivery. The connection with the website is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption. This makes Orate an extremely safe alternative to a vast majority of speakers’ bureaus.

Furthermore, Orate has policies that make the lives of its users easier. For example, event organizers can handpick speakers they wish to contact without publicly displaying their profile. This allows even organizers to reach out to pre-select speakers they would like to receive proposals from. So, event organizers don’t have to respond to tons of emails from speakers they are not interested in hiring.

Orate.ME is a simple-to-use, responsive, and optimized website, making the search easy for both the event speakers and event organizers.

Last but not the least, Orate allows individual speakers to get feedback from event organizers. Both parties can thus find a great match in line with their needs more easily.

Orate has a simple-to-use, responsive, and optimized website, which makes searches easier for both the speakers and event organizers. Once matched, speakers and event organizers can agree on the terms of their collaboration and let Orate take care of the details.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up - The Platform For Finding Event Speakers

An open marketplace where public speakers and event organizers can find each other in a matter of minutes – that’s Orate. Transforming the public speaking game for the benefit of all and open to all speakers who want to share their expertise.

All in all, Orate is the best place to start building your public speaking skill set. And it is also the best starting point for organizers eager to find speaking talent for their industry-specific events.


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