Period.Me: Useful App Every Guy Needs

If you are a guy you know just how tough it can be if your girl is going through a period. Often we do not pay attention until it’s too late and we end up arguing over something totally unimportant. Set aside all those movies where we laugh at a guy who forgets to pick up the dry cleaning and comes home to an angry girlfriend or a wife. Those days are very stressful for every girl and it’s up to us to make sure we know exactly how they feel.


That’s where Period.Me app steps in. Developed by guys at Imperio Inc. from Belgrade, Serbia this nifty tool is basically a period tracker meant to be used by guys as we so often forget about the problems our ladies face up with.

After the purchase, users will have to enter the basic data such as cycle duration and the date when the last period started. This will prompt them to the option where it’s possible add the photo. As soon as that is done, a beautifully designed UI pops up to reveal all the necessary information.

The centerpiece is designed around the picture of your girl and it consists of three parts: cycle days, the most fertile period and the sensitive days leading up to the start of the next cycle. Every time new part is reached users are notified via useful, yet funny notifications that alert them about the situation.

However, if you’re quite the ladies man Imperio Inc. guys got your back. As users are able add multiple girls to this app, protecting that information could be very important to somebody. Therefore, they are able to set up a passcode which will prevent others, possibly girls, from taking a peek at the information 🙂

At this moment app is only available through App Store and is selling for $1.99, but we’ve been given the information that it’s coming soon to BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8.

Period.ME Giveaway (x2)!

We definitely recommend this app to all the guys out there, since it will notify them about the information that is very important to know at the right time. Also, thanks to the Imperio Inc. guys, Domain.Me Blog is giving away 2 promo codes for this app! First two who leave there email address in the comments will get the code and the chance to check out this nifty app! 🙂


Marko Mudrinić

Marko is an undergraduate student based in Belgrade. Majoring in Journalism he's interested in digital publishing, startups and new technology. He currently writes for Balkan's leading Internet magazine Netokracija about local startups scene.

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