Build a Personal Website in Seconds with

Build a Personal Website in Seconds with

These past few weeks we have done our best to show you that managing your personal brand and, by extension, your online presence is a must for anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a professional.

Research shows that 94% of recruiters are using or plan to use social media as a recruiting and job screening tool and 78% openly admit to Googling job candidates before bringing them in for interviews. They are using data they uncover online to determine cultural fit of candidates and evaluate their value as future brand ambassadors.

You may consider yourself an exception – that you are “safe” from these searches but if your name doesn’t come up, you will lose out on opportunities.

Whether you like it or not, we all have personal brands, with a range of values, characteristics and competencies we are recognized by. You can use your online brand to your advantage by making sure the information recruiters find is accurate, interesting and valuable to them!

If you want to build your online brand, we suggest that you start with a slick website that centralizes all of your achievements and skills in a single page. We have something that can help you with that! help you generate your personal website in seconds. is a service that allows you to create a stunning personal website in seconds and for free. No technical background required. In the words of its founder, Nick Macario:

“There are a lot of solutions available to create websites, but they’re either expensive, difficult to use, time consuming, or have very limited customization capabilities.  We created a unique solution to cover all of these issues.” officially launches in January 2015, but you can request and early invite now and have a chance of being a part of the beta. We were also able to get a special offer for anyone using a .ME domain. Sign up here and receive 6 months Free of’s Pro service. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to see.

1.    Making your own website is quick and easy.

The process of website creation is automated – with just one click, the software pulls all content from your LinkedIn profile and generates your own personal website in seconds.

You’ve already spent the time creating content for LinkedIn, so why do it again for your website? takes this content, and makes it look much better, building a stunning website in seconds. Don’t have LinkedIn? Don’t worry, you can build a site too, and it still only takes minutes. allows you to express your personality along with your professional achievements.

2.    You are able to personalize and customize your website.

Research has shown that one of the key things that differentiate one candidate from the next is his or her personality. enables you to add personality to your online brand.

There are a variety of themes to choose from, which are all completely customizable. You can add images, text, videos, and more. Change background images and customize colors throughout each section, along with the ability to build sections from scratch.

One of the most unique features of is the ability to change themes at any time, and have all of your content and edits transfer from one theme to the next. Most web builders require you to start from scratch when changing templates, but not!

The product is built for anyone. You can let the software build a site for you in seconds, or spend as much time as you wish customizing. also allows you to further personalize your site by registering a personalized domain, or connecting a domain you already own. If you’re searching for one we can help you with that.

3.    Your website is highly visible.

You spent the time to get a personal website, but what good is it if nobody finds it? puts a strong emphasis on giving you all the tools possible to rank your website high on Google when someone searches your name.  They offer easy to follow tips and guides on the things you need to do to make your site rank well, and they ensure best practices using proper code structure for their sites to make them easy for Google to find.

With your personal website is SEO optimised and optimised for all devices.

4.    Your website is optimized for all devices.

You won’t have to worry about how your site looks on different devices because all sites are optimized for all computers, tablets, and phones.

There’s nothing worse than spending time to build a site, only to later find out it doesn’t work properly on a phone or tablet.  Maintain your high tech appeal when a recruiter or potential employer views your site from a tablet or mobile device.

5.    You gain access to personal branding advice from industry pros. is supported by some of the biggest names in personal branding. By becoming a part of their community, you will gain access to resources and information on personal branding from some of the top industry professionals, including one of the company advisors, Dan Schawbel.

This is just a sneak peek, but more is to come! What we can tell you now is that with every piece of your personal website will say something about you in a way a resume never will. Take your personal branding to the next level, request an invite now and receive 6 months of Pro service for Free if you use a .ME domain!


Sanja Gardasevic

Digital marketing professional with a passion for technology, creative challenges, and giving back to the community.

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