is the First International Network of Professional Shoppers is the First International Network of Professional Shoppers

Visiting a city or a country for the first time can be overwhelming. You’ve probably done your research and already made a list of stories you would like to hear, monuments to see, facts to learn, and dishes to try. Everything you see, smell, or feel is precious. You want to do it all and that’s perfectly fine.

But, you should keep in mind that the guides you read online aren’t enough to experience the true beauty of a city you’re about to visit. They tell you about the most popular tourist attractions out there, but these places won’t make your trip special. The beauty of being a tourist lies in the opportunity to observe, absorb, and replicate. To find hidden passages, restaurants, and stores only locals know about.  These have always been the best.

The same goes for shopping. Especially if you are in one of those cities famous for high fashion.

Looking for small authentic boutiques, vintage heavens, and designer showrooms could be a genuine adventure, but it’s not that simple, given that you’re there for the first time. Not knowing where to start your search, you may feel discouraged and decide to stick to the major shopping malls and fancy boutiques on the main street.

But, here is the thing with stores like these – these are probably some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry, but they cannot offer you an adventure or give you the opportunity to feel the uniqueness of the city you’re in. So, you will end up spending a lot of money on clothes you could probably find in your hometown, too.

This is the problem the founders of Personal Shop have recognized. The idea behind this startup was born in 2014 and it was pretty simple- to provide their clients with an exceptional and memorable shopping experience, tailored to their taste, style needs, and expectations.

Personal Shop is all about Delivering an Authentic Shopping Experience

The first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions New York is probably Broadway or Times Square. This is the city of diversity and vibrancy that never sleeps. When you walk down its streets, you will notice that people rock this effortless style. Baggy clothes, leather jackets, statement shoes, and bold accessories may make you feel quite basic.

Rome, on the other hand, is incredibly layered. This is the place where the preeminent beauty of the antic world meets modern architecture, good wines, and high fashion. Its fashion scene is quite different, representing the city’s hedonistic and romantic spirit. Everything about it is classy and super-glamorous, but subtle, from well-tailored clothes to hairstyles and jewelry.

A personal shopper wants to get to know a client so they can choose the right stores for them and make the whole process of shopping as pleasant as possible.

The point is that every city in the world is different. People living there are different, too. Their pace of life varies and that’s reflected in their sense of fashion. And, tourists should look for the boutiques and designers’ ateliers, where they can buy unique clothes, typical for that particular place.

This is where Personal Shop, the first international network of professional shoppers, comes to shine.

Their personal assistants operate in the following cities:

  • Milan
  • London
  • New York
  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Berlin
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Venice
  • Naples
  • Bologna
  • Turin

So, once a client visits the website and clicks on the city they’re planning to visit, they will see a list of personal shoppers they can hire, as well as learn more about their approach and experience. Based on what they find out, they can select an image consultant on their own, which is the starting point of their highly personalized shopping experience.

The next step is filling out the form and providing answers about their age, body shape, tastes, time, and budget. A personal shopper wants to get to know a client so they can choose the right stores for them and make the whole process of shopping as pleasant as possible.

And, the results are amazing.

First, a client will feel like a star. I mean, they will spend a day with their personal image consultant. They can even hire a designated driver or take advantage of shopping delivery services. Additionally, they will have an exclusive access to many studios and stores with VIP lounges, meet renowned fashion designers, and get special discounts.

Second, Personal Shop is all about making their clients happy. A personal shopper will take them to the most iconic stores in the city and, at the same time, keep in mind their preferences, budget, and time. This way, a client will get the most of their trip and yet shop around like a pro.

Finally, a personal shopper is also an image assistant, meaning that they will give their clients some awesome styling tips.

Those users that love shopping around in groups can also book a shopping tour. All tours are themed and tailored to the clients’ demands. Based on their preferences, they can visit unique, vintage places, discover up-and-coming brands and designers, visit luxurious designer stores, or participate in interior design workshops.

Taking Online Shopping to the Next Level

With the astounding rise of the ecommerce market, the way we make purchases has changed once for all. Instead of spending countless hours shopping around, now we can browse through numerous stores, brands, and products in a few clicks.

The only problem with online shopping is that things don’t always go as planned.

I’ll remind you of all those shopping fails we’ve been seeing lately. You find a shirt you like, choose the right color and size. But, once it’s delivered, it’s not what you expected to see.

There are no fitting rooms, so it’s pretty difficult for you to figure out which size will fit you. And, even choosing the right item doesn’t mean that you will get what you expected. Many online sites are still unreliable and make money by deceiving inexperienced shoppers.

Similarly to shopping around with a personal shopper, all a client has to do is tell what they’re looking for. An online shopper will do the research for them, separate the wheat from the chaff, and present them with the best options only.

Not to mention the multiple versions of the same product that can be found on different sites, at different prices. So, how to choose the right one?

These are just some problems online consumers have been facing for years. Personal Shop has decided to put an end to them by giving their clients a chance to hire an online personal shopper to help them.

Similarly to shopping around with a personal shopper, all a client has to do is tell what they’re looking for. An online shopper will do the research for them, separate the wheat from the chaff, and present them with the best options only.

They will compare prices and delivery costs, check return policies, as well as pay attention to size charts to help a client move forward with the purchase. In other words, their aim is to guide a shopper through all the stages of the sales funnel, from doing research to buying a product, helping them avoid the most common mistakes and make a decision they won’t regret.

Those “the worst thing about shopping is shopping itself” people can even let a personal shopper buy their clothes for them.  All they have to do is tell what they need, set their budget, give prepaid card information, and let a personal shopper do the hard work for them.

Personal Shop Academy Focuses on a Highly Professional Approach

Personal Shop is not just about providing its clients with a personalized shopping experience. It’s about offering a highly professional personalized shopping experience. This simply means that one cannot become a personal shopper or an image consultant overnight. To do so, they first need to specialize in the field of personal shopping and image consulting.

And, that’s why Personal Shop Academy is founded. It offers both theoretical and practical courses held by seasoned professionals in the fashion and marketing industry. This is a great way for young and aspiring people to enter the world of fashion, become certified image consultants, and learn how to promote themselves out there. On the other hand, by investing in their employees’ education, Personal Shop makes sure they provide their clients with the utmost professionalism and an impeccable user experience.

Going International with a Highly Targeted Online Campaign

Today, investing in strong online presence is inevitable for any business that wants to stay relevant. To set yourself apart from a sea of similar companies, startups need to work on building a strong and highly recognizable brand.

To get the most of your online business, you need to invest in a highly responsive website, optimize it for search engines, and build a solid social media presence.

It all starts with choosing an authentic brand name that will generate more relevant website traffic. And, Personal Shop has done it right. Here at, we are proud to stand behind such an outstanding brand.

To get the most of your online business, you need to invest in a highly responsive website, optimize it for search engines, and build a solid social media presence.

And, that’s exactly what Personal Shop has been doing. They’ve even taken their SEM campaigns to the next level using the power of geolocation, which is expected to redefine the digital marketing sphere in the years to come.

In a recent interview for, Antonella Cosenza, the founder of Personal Shop, has pointed out that doing highly targeted digital campaigns are actually the most powerful way of customer sourcing. She emphasizes that customers are looking for exclusive experiences, especially when they’re traveling.

Personal Shop focuses on geolocation to boost the relevance of their offers and make them highly personalized. Cosenza emphasizes that all their campaigns are in English and that they are customized and tailored to the needs of their target audiences in different cities.

To Wrap It Up

Today, the need for a more personalized approach to customer services is constantly rising. People’s demands have changed and they’ve become aware of how important they are to today’s businesses. They don’t want to be just another name on an email list or another source of cash. On the contrary, they want to be observed as individuals, with unique needs, problems, and preferences.

Personal Shop has definitely recognized the idea behind this approach. The network’s mission has resonated with both their partners and target audience, making their personal shoppers invaluable allies in gaining exceptional shopping experiences.


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