Pinterest Parenting: 3 Ways This Social Network Can Help Parents

Pinterest Parenting: 3 Ways This Social Network Can Help Parents

We already wrote about Pinterest, so in case you somehow missed 2012 and this image-sharing social network, take a look at our post. It is unlikely you are not familiar with it, but did you know you can follow us on Pinterest? I personally see Pinterest as a great mind-relaxing thing, something to do during long commerce to and from work or before bed time.

But, Pinterest can be quite useful too. There are way to many untried meals in one of my boards and so many cool DIY projects I never seem to do. 😀 I noticed a lot of parenting and kid related pins as well and started thinking… can Pinterest help one in parenting? It seems so, because their Kids Category is full of pins! Here are 3 ways Pinterest can help you be a better parent!

1. Food – Lots and lots of food


Okay, babies breastfeed or bottle feed for a while, but at some point they need to start eating solids. You could buy baby food in a local supermarket, but those are often filled with a lot of E-type additives and not as healthy as you might think. We all want the best for our kids, so a lot of moms and dads make their own food.

You can find many ideas on Pinterest when it comes to baby food, from full meal plans, to ways to store and preserve food your baby will eat. Also, many kids refuse to eat certain types of food, so making sure you present your child with food in fun ways can help and get them to eat their greens. Explore and see which ideas you can steal and incorporate in your lifestyle/budget!

2. Games – Entertainment and Education in One!


Kids tend to have a lot more energy than their parents. 😀 At some point even the best parents will run out of ideas that will entertain their child. Why not turn to Pinterest for some help? You can find many great things that will keep your kids entertained, practice their fine motor skills, educate them and – keep them busy!

Some of these ideas might even be free or very cheap. Your Dollar General or a similar store in your neighborhood has lots of things you can turn into a game! This is especially useful for a long set of rainy days… or a long summer out of school!

3. Discipline – Ideas and Tactics That Can Help


As much as we hate to admit it, our sunshines sometimes misbehave. If you and your partner chose Attachment Parenting, you will try not to discipline kids by spanking them. Still, they need to know when and why they crossed a limit and they need to be punished.

Pinterest has many ideas when it comes to this as well. One of the things that blew my mind was a “Timeout Glitter Bottle”: the idea is to have a bottle filled with glitter, the parent shakes it and gives it to the child. The child then watches the glitter settle down, relaxes while doing it and then you can have a nice conversation about the problem and explain what when wrong.

How Do You Use Pinterest?

These are just some ideas you could use Pinterest to help you raise kids. You could also look for photo ideas, tutorials on how to sew kids clothes or birthday party ideas. If Pinterest is helping you be a better parent, we would love to hear how in the comments!


Ivana (Ivy) Gutierrez

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