Sunday Linkup: Pinterest, a New Social Bookmarking Network

Sunday is an easy and slow day for most of you, time to grasp that full inbox and clean it for the upcoming week or to try out something new that you didn’t have the time to do during the week.

Today we’re assembling the most important blogposts all over that talk about Pinterest. Pinterest is a new social network / bookmarking tool where you can share and organize images you find interesting in your life. You can pin those images on boards you can create. Think of boards as groups – you’ll put your dogs images to a Dog Board and some inspirational images to the Inspiration Board.

Mashable will take you through this new social bookmarking tool by answering to some of your questions like: What is Pinterest, what is it for, how do you use it etc. There is also a guide for brands on Pinterest.

BlueGlass has somewhat more detailed guide for beginners, explaining everything there is about Pinterest, bringing you tips and benefits for your brand.

ReadWriteWeb explains why Pinterest works better than Google+: “Pinterest is the reverse of Google+ circles, and it’s better for users”, Jon Mitchell says.

Facebook’s Smart Lists and Google+ Circles have popularized the idea that we need the ability to share different things with different audiences. That lets us have fun with some people and be boring with others without having to maintain two profiles. But neither of those networks offer much control for the person on the receiving end.

Both the pinner and the follower only have to think about their own tastes. They don’t have to guess what other people are like. People are more likely to enjoy themselves that way.

The Next Web will recommend you some cool Pinterest accounts you should follow.

Business Side of the Story

Bloomberg Businessweek analyzes Why Image-Sharing Network Pinterest is Hot: Part of the appeal is simplicity. Visitors browse their friends’ “boards,” which, like bulletin boards, are basically curated collections of photos, usually centered around a topic such as food or clothing. Users make boards by finding pictures they like on the Web. Hitting a button in a bookmark toolbar adds the image. Pinterest users can follow each other’s boards and “re-pin” each other’s postings, or create communal boards so that, for example, bridesmaids can share dress ideas. Since the site is image-centric, it’s an attractive way to browse.

Pinterest is a startup that obviously deserves its attention. In October 2011 they’ve raised $27 million, TechCrunch reports. If you want to receive more updates from the team, make sure to follow Pinterest on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. Currently, Pinterest is still in an invite-only beta, so you’ll have to signup for an invite before you can use it.

Have you tried Pinterest already?


Nikola Krajacic

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