Pixelfy.me: Solution for better rankings on Amazon

Pixelfy.me: Solution for better rankings on Amazon

Are you a well-established seller on Amazon who needs that extra something to grow their business? Or maybe you want to understand how you can build a business online with Amazon?

One thing’s for sure – you’re onto something.

With over 50% share of the US e-commerce market and projected 13.7% of worldwide retail e-commerce sales in 2019, Amazon’s popularity is unmistakable.

Currently, there are over 2.5 million active sellers and over 119 million products on the platform, so it would be an understatement to say that the competition is intense

And this is where Pixelfy.me jumps in!

What is Pixelfy.me?

what is pixelfy.me

The URL Shortener and Tracker For Amazon Sellers and Marketers, Pixelfy is based on experiential insight and provided by the founders of ZonPages, ZonJump, and Seller Tradecraft who needed it for their Amazon businesses. 

This is just the right link management software an Amazon seller, a social media agency or an influencer needs to grow their business.

Selling on Amazon and the-top-of-page-one goal

how to sell on amazon and get great results pixelfy.me

Any experienced Amazon seller will tell you that if you want to succeed on Amazon, your products need to rank high on (read: top of) page one of Amazon product search results.

Amazon pretty much functions as a search engine for purchases and it has an algorithm which determines the position of each item/product after a certain keyword query. 

Amazon app was the most popular shopping app in the US in 2019 with 150.6 million mobile users.

The three major factors that affect the Amazon product ranking are product listing, sales, and reviews.

As you might know, there are plenty of strategies that can help you drive rank. It can be a real issue to pick the right one, or at least a few that work. Quite frankly, not everyone has the luxury of time and money for experimenting, nor should they waste it with all the available data-driven solutions that can aid their marketing efforts.

As mentioned, Pixelfy is there to help you with your Amazon swing.

Pixelfy major features

pixelfy.me features

This is how Pixelfy.me works: 

You use the software to shorten and make different types of URLs and add retargeting pixels to pixels users and collect data (e.g. demographics, locations, and operating systems, etc.). Then, you can leverage the data to personalize ads and grow your audiences by retargeting them with another ad or hyper-targeted offer through multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn Ads. 

Pixelfy.me is a URL shortener and tracker for Amazon sellers, social media agencies or influencers that saves time improves product ranking, and grows business.

The set-up is simple and Pixelfy comes with a dashboard to help you monitor the progress of your product’s marketing campaign and individual link analytics. There you can see and compare the click, browser, and location data, campaign performance sources, and ad platforms, all of which can bolster up your marketing links and strategy and improve the rankings of your products and your Amazon Sales. 

What are retargeting pixels and what retargeting pixels can you add?

Use the software to shorten URLs and add retargeting pixels to pixels users and collect data which you can leverage to personalize ads and retarget your audiences.

Retargeting pixels are pieces of undetectable code which tag an anonymous cookie onto visitors that land on your site or tracking link. As a result, you can retarget each visitor with more ads for the same listing or other personalized ads and relevant listings. 

The types of pixels you can add through Pixelfy.me are:

  • Facebook pixel,
  • Google Analytics Code,
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking Code,
  • Twitter Pixel Tracking Code,
  • Google Adword Pixel Tracking Code,
  • LinkedIn Ads Pixel Tracking Code, and
  • Instagram Ads Pixel Tracking Code.

Types of tracking links

There are 12 different types of tracking links you can create with Pixelfy.me and embed pixels in, each with a different purpose:

  1. Any URL,
  2. URL Rotator, 
  3. Supreme URL,
  4. 2 Step Brand URL,
  5. 2 Step Storefront URL,
  6. Buy, Together URL,
  7. Add to Cart URL,
  8. Add to Cart Button,
  9. Canonical URL,
  10. Amazon Plain URL,
  11. Walmart Retailer URL, and
  12. Seeker (Search Find Buy) URL.

Deep linking

Apart from traditional URLs that open up a browser, you can use deep linking to send users to a specific point in the Amazon app

More than 150.6 million users use the app, so add deep linking to the list of beneficial things you can do with Pixelfy. 

Countries Pixelfy.Me supports

Pixelfy currently covers 7 out of the total of 14 Amazon marketplaces and those are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

It’s also very important to know that Pixelfy is GDPR compliant for the European markets.

Pricing plans

There are several pricing plans ranging from $3.99 per month for Starter users to $99.99 per month for Enterprise-level users which allow you to pay as you grow your business. Also, they offer a 30-day trial for $1. 

If you need more time to think about using Pixelfy after the free trial ends and don’t want to use your data, don’t worry as your data will be saved for the next 90 days.

Free resources

Other great things provided by the team behind Pixelfy are the free, awesome and amazing resources on their Knowledge Base, Pixelfy Academy, and blog. They share great content, insights, step-by-step set-up guides, and tried and tested tips for Amazon sellers and more.



As e-commerce is becoming a dominant form of retail purchases, the competition in this space is becoming more and more intense. Luckily, the markets are growing as well as more people turn to the convenience of shopping on Amazon through web browsers and the Amazon application.

At the same time, we see the development of tools and solutions like Pixelfy.me that can help Amazon sellers save time and grow their business and we are glad that they are a part of the trusted .ME domain community.


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