Povedi.Me: First Website for Promotion of Pet Friendly Tourism in Croatia

Povedi.Me: First Website for Promotion of Pet Friendly Tourism in Croatia

If you are a pet-owner, then you know holidays can be a big problem. Unless you are lucky enough to vacation in your own home, you have to be very careful while planning your summer to make sure your family member with fur and four legs can come with. A lot of places do not accept pets and not everybody has the luxury of leaving Rex to a kind neighbor or friend.

This is not a problem only during the summer, but a lot of pets lose their homes when the owners go to vacation:

Pets have been found dumped in bins, boxes and even a cemetery in the run-up to the summer holidays as owners choose to abandon them rather than pay for their care while they are away, a charity has said.

Povedi.Me Knows Where You Can Take Your Pet

Povedi.Me is a new webpage for pet owners who want to vacation with their pets. This is first Croatian website that offers complete information on hotels, beaches, parks and similar destinations that welcome pets as well as people. This collaborative project is created for both domestic and foreign tourists in Croatia. All content on the website is availabe in English and Croatian, with German and Italian being added as we speak.

The information on the website can be updated by users through the Contact form of Povedi.Me. The webmasters invite users to submit their information and ideas because everybody will benefit from a more complete database! If you know any location specific information, do share!

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Povedi.Me was designed by Iva Tatić and she believes the website to be not only helpful for pet-owners, but also owners of touristic objects who wish to extend their season:

Most pet owners want to avoid the highest season when they vacation. Our project will help them choose a pet-friendly tourist destination in Croatia, just as it will help business owners that allow pets attract their guests.

Recommendations Via Stories … From a Dog’s Perspective

One of the dearest things on the websites is the Recommendations tab. It currently features two articles written from a dog’s perspective. Here is what Charlie had to say about a short vacation in Opatija:

I knew this was going to be a good dinner, because it smelled of food, and good food! As soon as we entered the place where all the nice smells were coming from, I thought they’d put us on the terrace, you know, with me being a dog and all. But, guess what, they gave us a table at the main restaurant hall. It was really nice there, pleasant, there were a few people already eating and no-one seemed to mind that I was there as well.

You can find Mona’s experiences in the mountains if you prefer spending your summers away from heat and crowds. Once again, if you yourself have any information that could enrich Povedi.Me, make sure to submit it!


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