Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks With Seniors IT

Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks With Seniors IT

In the last few years, we saw cyber attacks happen all over the world. Cyber attacks on all businesses, but particularly small to medium sized businesses, have become more frequent, targeted, and complex. Governments were also targeted. And individuals were not spared either. All in all, people realized that the impression that it won’t happen to us is wrong. It could happen to any of us. This is exactly why protecting ourselves from cyber attacks becomes a must. 

But first things first. In order to protect yourself, you should understand what cybercrime is and the threat it represents. Then you can learn how to stay safe.

What is Cybercrime? 

There are many examples that count as cybercrime. These include email and internet frauds, identity theft, data theft, cyberespionage, cyber extortion…

Cyber security is what we do to protect ourselves from cybercrime. More precisely, cyber security is the implementation of the technology and processes that protect us from unauthorized access and exploitation. Predominantly, this is done through encryption and authentication. Many other models and solutions are also included.

So, what is the best way to protect your business? That’s where the combination of technology and risk expertise jumps in! Meet

Let’s start!

A Trusted Advisor And System Integrator

Seniors IT was founded in 2008. They eventually became one of the leading Cybersecurity businesses based in Jordan with other offices in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In 2011 Seniors IT became a system integrator keeping security solutions as its core business.

As a trusted advisor and cyber security consulting company, it has been giving a helping hand to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises. Generally speaking, they provide four types of services: network security, data security, applications security, and endpoint security.

With Seniors IT preventing cyber-attacks is quick, easy and comprehensive.

Let’s see how it all works.

Among other things, Seniors IT provides attack simulation for your system. It detects strengths and weaknesses using several combined techniques. These include open-source intelligence, social engineering, network and application attacks, and phishing.

Why Secure Your Business From Cyber Attacks

Let’s see what the facts say:

  • Cybercrime went up to 600% due to global pandemics.
  • 92% of malware is delivered by email.
  • Ransomware is a threat No 1 and the most popular tool of hackers.
  • Online banking is one of the most at-risk industries, as authentication is usually done through SMS.
  • Crypto trading keeps getting hacked. People lose millions of dollars in Bitcoins due to cyber-attacks.
  • The financial sector, supply chain, and industries such as mining, transportation, energy, and construction are potential targets.
Approximately 281.5 million people have been affected by some sort of data breach in 2021.

So, it’s pretty clear we need to pay attention to securing our businesses from cyber attacks!

Now let’s see how Seniors IT can help us do it. 

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How Seniors IT Can Protect You From Cyber Attacks

When it comes to network security, Seniors IT provides solutions such as: 

  • next-generation firewall and sandboxing, 
  • network access control, 
  • securing the DNS service, 
  • proactive email and web security, 
  • security information and event management (SIEM), 
  • network forensics and monitoring, 
  • threat detection, 
  • and others!

Thanks to Seniors IT’s infrastructure and banking security assessments, service level agreement (SLA), security consulting, and security testing services, you can have a more laid-back business life.

There are also other security measures such as application performance and monitoring. Moreover, there is a web application firewall that filters and blocks HTTP traffic on their list of solutions. Seniors IT also use “vulnerability management” to identify and mitigate software vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, Seniors IT provides services for preparing, detecting, and recovering from cyber-attacks. Just imagine being a cyber attack victim! It is already tough to find yourself in that position. Still, if you fail to take appropriate action, there can even be worse consequences. Penalties. Lawsuits. Rejection by the insurance company. Your reputation declines. You lose income. This is why the systematic approach called Incident Response (IR) is what a business would need.

Now, speaking of data security, Seniors IT offers numerous solutions. Privileged Access Management (PAM) that enables monitoring what is going on in your network in real-time, database security, data leak prevention, recovery, and backup. Encryption and analyzing security log data across a company is vital for keeping only authorized users having access to information. 

“Data Is The New Oil” – Why Cyber Attacks Are Becoming More Frequent

Now let’s take a look at what the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) found in last year’s research. In September 2021 alone, the total number of data breaches exceeded the total number of data breaches in 2020. And some sort data breach has affected approximately 281.5 million people. 

You’ve undoubtedly heard about phishing as the most common action for data breaches. Phishing is an attack based on social engineering, often used to steal user data, such as login credentials, credit card numbers, etc. It occurs when an attacker, impersonating a trusted entity, deceives a victim to open an email or text message. A fraudster personalizes the attack emails with the victim’s name, company, work phone number, and other information. Thus, the recipient is tricked into believing the scammer has a connection with the sender. 

Investments in cyber security will become a top priority for businesses.

Deceptive phishing attacks techniques also include legitimate links, a blend of malicious and benign code, shortened URLs, modified brand logos, and minimal email content to evade detection.

What To Expect In The Future Of Cybersecurity?

We couldn’t help but notice some of Senior IT’s clients. There are prominent names such as Qatar Development Bank, Orange, USAID, Amazon, UNHCR, Kempinski, Arab bank, Marriott, etc. Additionally, the list of their services is expanding, contributing to their business’s growth.

Keeping pace with new technologies is a must, but there are also various risks lurking within them. For example, cloud technology gives users access to storage, files, servers, and software which comes with certain risks. Those security risks are compliance violations, identity theft, data breaches, and malware infections. Identifying vulnerabilities across the cloud that might lead to a data breach is today’s imperative.

Businesses and organizations must protect their assets and create a safe cyber environment. They need to invest in cybersecurity.

So, what do the predictions tell us? Cyber security will become a top priority for businesses. Multi-factor authentication will evolve. While the Internet of Things (IoT) allows businesses to create value, data sharing is a rich breeding ground for attackers. Not to mention the hype around the cryptocurrency industry and NFTs. Devious hackers involved in cryptojacking can use these to target new victims. 

It is clear. Businesses and organizations must protect their assets and create a safe cyber environment. They need to invest in cybersecurity. 

Final Remarks

Nowadays, enterprises are becoming more aware of cyber security’s importance. So they turn to businesses such as Seniors IT that can meet these challenges. 

Now, how can you help your business keep up with all of this? Be informed about the innovations that can protect your business. And don’t worry if you are not an expert in this area. We just introduced you to a company that offers guidance and cutting-edge technology on this. So make sure to check their website out. They have informative entries on everything from network access control to DDos security. 

Cyber security is a never-ending challenge. Cybercrime has become more pervasive and more sophisticated. What you can do is tighten up your tech, stay compliant, and educate your staff on cyber security issues. 


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