Reach Full Potential of Your Company by building Collective Intelligence with Stormz

Reach Full Potential of Your Company by building Collective Intelligence with Stormz

The days of getting rid of the weakest links within startups, agencies, and companies are over. Although overall success and a substantial ROI are still main goals most businesses are aiming at, the most productive way to achieve them isn’t to lay off employees who struggle to excel at their tasks, but to help them glean experience, polish their skills and become better at what they do. Only then will your company truly move forward as a collective.

This hive-mind concept is called Collective intelligence (CI) and it refers to shared, group-level knowledge and intelligence that emerges and grows out of:

  • Collaboration of your employees
  • Collective efforts coming from the staff
  • Healthy competition among the individuals within your agency

This notion of oneness is utilized in collective learning and decision making, and it is often referred to as ensued property involving the interwoven synergy between:

Data ↔ Information ↔ Feedback ↔ Knowledge ↔ Skills ↔ Results

The Collective Intelligence method helps employees continually learn from experience and feedback they are provided with, and are thus enabled to acquire actionable knowledge and therefore make informed decisions in the future.

Collective Intelligence method helps employees continually learn from experience and feedback they are provided with

However, businesses around the globe still have trouble recognizing all the benefits of this model and are unable to utilize its full potential.   

This is where the team behind Stormz comes into play.

Building your Team’s Collective Intelligence via Stormz App

The Stormz Application is a powerful digital toolkit made by serious facilitators for serious facilitators. With their 3-fold application model that includes Workshop, the Quiz and the Socializer, Stormz encompasses all the features necessary for a company to foster and encourage meaningful conversations, conduct useful quizzes and deploy effective collaborative workshops and brainstorming sessions that can boost your strategic planning.

The avid team behind this application aimed their experience and knowledge at designing a high-flexibility problem-solving platform that will help all the participants put their knowledge and skills to the test and ultimately come up with most logical solutions that they can share within their collaborative landscape directly from their computer and/or portable device.

4 main technical benefits of using Storms include:

  • User-Friendliness – This easy-to-reach and easy-to-use platform gives all employees access to all Stormz’ features, regardless of whether they are using a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Full Workshop Potential – Their app gives you access to 50+ different workshops that you can utilize directly, while you also have the freedom to customize them according to your own needs and requirements.
  • Multilinguality – Stormz is available in 6 different languages, so you don’t have to worry if your company operates on an international level.
  • Coaching Opportunities – If your team needs professional assistance when it comes to organizing and facilitating workshops and learning sessions, the Stormz Agency offers coaching and training services as well.

The Workshop

This feature allows participants to share ideas and thoughts and therefore contribute to the co-creation of company’s ideas, solutions and are directly involved in the process of making informed decisions. The team behind Stormz believes that going beyond mere brainstorming is where the magic happens, which is why their Workshop feature provides companies with a customizable and rather powerful platform through which you can organize sessions and handle group biases more efficiently.

In order to come up with detailed solutions for any kind of pain point a company may face, the team has to have a potent environment and a platform for pitching ideas. With their multi-criteria workshop evaluation model, Stormz is a handy asset to have on your side.

The Quiz

The best way to start building collective intelligence within your staff is to have a clear starting point by testing their knowledge and using the collected data to come up with a suitable strategy. The Quiz is a potent tool that features a simple interface and is based on multiple choice and/or open questions that will definitely do much more than nudge you in the right direction when it comes to employee evaluation.

The Socializer

The best way for a business to grow organically is to have a collective comprised of able, keen and skillful employees who can easily connect with one another, converse, share ideas and shift perspectives on various topics, issues and solutions. The Socializer is a platform that allows participants to connect with their peers, get to know them better and trigger meaningful, in-depth conversations that are often turned into valuable ideas.

Most Effective Uses of Stormz

Company Events

The Stormz team made sure a company of any size can use their app to create and facilitate sessions and events. Whether you need a session that involves 20, 50, 100 or 1000 staff members, this platform is the go-to solution for you.

going beyond mere brainstorming is where the magic happens

Company Meetings

Businesses that use Stormz can customize meetings and hold optimized sessions via their creative problem solving methodologies and design thinking techniques that make sure all participants can express their creativity and their know-how, while being actively and equally involved in real time.

Company Trainings

One of the most potent ways to wield this tool is to create quizzes for your employees, trainees and students. These quizzes can help you their skills and knowledge, and then subsequently deploy collaborative training and learning activities so they can focus their learning efforts on crucial aspects of their work.

Remote Sessions

Since Stormz can be used on all known portable devices and computers, the participants can partake in vital meetings, events and training session wherever they are, in real time.

More on the benefits and how Stormz agency works HERE.

The Art of Fostering Collective Intelligence

Alexandre Eisenchteter, one of the masterminds behind Stormz, has been using his experience and rather intimate and nuanced understanding of how employee dynamics, both group and individual, should be approached to, so the team they are working with can reach its full potential organically.

Most of their collective intelligence boosting methods are based on their own unique strategies and methodologies that include:

  • The Flower Process for creative problem solving
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile Principles
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Open Space
  • World Café

Each and every initiative listed above was designed with one idea in mind: to help groups and individuals, in almost any type of context, build and grow collective intelligence and trigger creative thinking through innovative collaboration techniques. The leaders behind Stormz have become experts in their field by incorporating hi-tech digital tools and apps into the more traditional low-tech landscape.  
More detailed info on their avid team and their unique approaches HERE.


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