Refund.ME: Receive money for your delayed flights

If you spend a lot of time flying, you know how often the planes are delayed or rescheduled. Arriving late is never fun and it doesn’t matter if you are flying for business or pleasure. Yes, eventually we always get where we were going, but losing a day of your vacation or missing a meeting with an important client creates problems.

Did you know that under a specific law in European legislation (261/2004), you are entitled to compensation in case your flight is not on time? Not a lot of people are aware of this and even if there are, up to now there was no easy way to handle this issue.

Refund.ME is what you need!

Refund.ME is a free app that helps air passengers get compensation for delayed, canceled or overbooked flights. All you have to do is enter your flight details. The app will let you know if you are entitled to compensation according to EU Regulation 261/2004 in 20 seconds and less.

Refund.ME was founded by Eve Bücher who explained how it works:

It then generates an EU compliant claim form with all the required details. If the claim is enforced successfully, the airline will pay compensation of up to €600. On average a claim takes two-to-four months from start to finish, and our success rate is approaching 90 per cent.

Simply using the application to check if you had any chances won’t cost you a thing. If your claim was not successful  once again, you do not have to pay anything. However, if you do receive compensation via Refund.ME, they will charge you 1/4 of your compensation + obligatory VAT as a commission.

Cash for delays – Startup of the week!

In an article on Venture Village, Refund.ME was recently introduced as Startup of the week! The CEO Eve Bücher was asked if she had any advice for other founders, and this is what she stressed out:

The field of startups is very crowded. My first advice to founders is to come up with a solution for a real problem and not to create a solution and then look for the problem. A real solution lends itself to a natural 30-second elevator pitch and everyone will understand why your startup makes sense and is needed. And, of course, you need to be able to accept failure.

You can get the application from Google Play or iTunes Store. If you are using Blackberry or Windows Phone, a mobile app should be coming soon. In the mean time, you can always visit their website via your phone or computer.


Ivana (Ivy) Gutierrez

Our Executive Editor Ivy is a graduate student at University of Zagreb where she is studying Communicology and Journalism. She is interested in PR and all things digital. More information is available on her website <a href="">Ivy's ink drops</a>.

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