Ricardo Sousa is a 19 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Created Portugal’s Biggest Web Conference

Many 19 year olds are students with little or no entrepreneurial or business experience at all. They are more or less dependent on college education which might define them for life. But Ricardo Sousa is not a regular 19 year old. He is an entrepreneur and consultant based in Lisbon, Portugal and you had a chance to hear him speak at Webfest.me conference.

19 year old businessman

Ricardo has several web projects in his portfolio and his business has been featured all across the web, from Smashing Magazine to The EconomistSWITCH Conference is one of his most successful projects, which he founded and organizes to this day. Recently he launched a startup project called Cortiza and initiated the Movement for Change in Education, a global movement of people who want to change the current education model.

Despite being a student, Ricardo is a frequent speaker on conferences where he talks about teen entrepreneurship or 21st century education. At Webfest.me conference we had a chance to see his motivational and inspiring presentation on how “we are the people we waited for”, people who have the knowledge and ambition to make some changes. Ivan had a little chat with Ricardo, which you can see in the video below:


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