SaferMe – A Virus Management Solution For Businesses

SaferMe – A Virus Management Solution For Businesses

Saying that businesses worldwide have been going through a rough patch due to COVID-19, would be an understatement. And rightly so. After more than a year of fighting the pandemic, businesses are realizing that they need to change their approach and find a better virus management solution. Around the world, manufacturing and service industries are looking for ways to return to the office and resume operations safely. The stakes are high since failure to manage this process tactically can have serious consequences, not only for the business itself but for the situation in general.  

To support companies in meeting these challenges, innovative software providers SaferMe from are working harder than ever. The Sweedish tech company has developed a contact tracing solution with daily wellbeing checks to protect staff and customers. Thanks to its features and protection of users’ privacy, SaferMe has become partners with many leading companies and governments.

How do SaferMe and contact tracing help with creating a safe work environment? Glad you’ve asked.

SaferMe virus management solution company description

SaferMe Company

SaferMe was founded in 2015 by Clint Van Marrewijk, CEO, and Mike Steere, Key Account Manager and Board of Directors member, as a company that specializes in proximity safety. Ever since the launch of its safety bubble app functionality in 2016, the company has taken off and won numerous awards and investments.

Their portfolio includes Safety Suite and Virus Management solutions. More precisely, the Security Suite serves to keep employees safe through apps that alert them about hazard proximity, dangerous lighting proximity, worker fatigue, and contact tracing. 

Although their real-time alerts app has put them at the front of work health and safety solutions, their Virus Management system has gained traction among organizations worldwide.

SaferMe virus management

SaferMe Virus Management Solution

SaferMe Virus Management solution comprises an application and a Bluetooth wearable in the form of a card. This makes it a unique solution in the market and the leading contact tracing system for businesses.

SaferMe app

The application uses Bluetooth technology to log a contact with a colleague automatically. Also, if users meet anyone outside of the company who doesn’t have the app, they record the contact manually. The following day, they have to complete a quick daily check-in. In case someone is experiencing symptoms, this notification goes to the HR or other department in charge of health and safety. Thanks to the logs, the person in charge can see the contact tracing table of the employee. What’s more, they can filter the results by time and distance to see who could be at risk of coming down with the virus. 

Safer.Me is a contact tracing solution with daily wellbeing checks to protect staff and customers.

With the available data, the company can take immediate action. First, they can organize testing for the employee. Second, ask the employees at risk to stay at home until a negative test result comes in. Finally, they can update all the other parties who have been in contact with the employee to take action as well.

What about user privacy?

The most important feature of the app is that it never reveals the location of the end-user. SaferMe meets strict General Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines. In addition, the data is encrypted during transmission and stored on safe servers and can be requested or deleted by simple request.

Apart from its privacy protection features, the ease of use is what also encouraged the New Zealand government, European Commission, AngloGold Ashanti, Northpower, Walter P Moore, Walla Walla University, Vodafone, Schneider Electric, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Parsley Energy to choose SaferMe as their technology provider for virus management.

SaferMe Blutooth wearable card for contact tracing

SaferMe Bluetooth Wearable Card

SaferMe created their Bluetooth wearable card for those staff members who work in areas where phones are not allowed. Places like warehouses, production lines, and similar. Additionally, those people who don’t have or don’t use a smartphone use the wearable instead of the app. 

The card functions on the same principles as the app. Contacts between employees are automatically logged in the system and contact tables are created.

SaferMe Virus Management solution comprises an application and a Bluetooth wearable in the form of a card.

Additionally, the card is a Bluetooth transmitting device which uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It’s approximately the size of a credit card and weighs only 18 gms. What’s also interesting about the card is that it is not rechargeable. Depending on the usage, the battery of this smart single-use card lasts between 6 and 12 months. Once it runs out, employees get a new card and companies can return their used cards to SaferMe for recycling.

Benefits of contact tracing for virus management

Benefits of Contact Tracing

When businesses choose contact tracing as a tool for managing COVID-19 in the workplace, they benefit on several fronts. First and foremost, they protect the lives of their employees and their families. Everyone has to do their part in fighting this scourge of disease and showing that you care is the first and most important step. It encourages people to continue and gives them a clear message that the company puts lives first.

‘…You can’t ignore the costs of doing nothing about it.’

By taking care of safety, operations can resume with a bit less safety-concerning stress. Continuing operations gives everyone a chance of recovering from the consequences COVID-19 has had on businesses. Being a responsible employer also protects the company against legal action for not following COVID-19 protection practices. 

As the people over at SaferMe say, Don’t do nothing’, because, ‘…You can’t ignore the costs of doing nothing about it.’

Establish safer work place with virus management solution

Final Thoughts

It’s quite obvious that the solution to the global health pandemic is not an easy one. It will take a lot of time before all the people get immunized, especially the lower risk groups which make the majority of the global workforce. Many governments and companies have realized the importance of resuming operations safely and are opting for technological solutions to support the return to the office. SaferMe contact tracing system for businesses distinguishes itself as a viable solution. Thanks to its privacy features, automatization, and ease-of-use, the company has become the virus management technology partner for many businesses. Together with successfully following safety guidelines and protocols, businesses establish safer working places with SaferMe.


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