See.ME: Show The World Your Talents

See.ME: Show The World Your Talents

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2013 and has since been given a couple of serious face-lifts and updated for accuracy and relevance.

Art. Photography. Digital art. Your talent? Your passion? Or you identify as an admirer? See.ME is a place where you can show the world your talents. Or just visit the page and admire stunning pieces of art.

Here’s the truth, we visited the site, and although we are not connoisseurs of fine fine arts, but rather digital world prodigies, even we got truly stunned by the work we witnessed on their website. 

 See.ME was created in 2008 under the name Artists Wanted. Since then, they have enabled many exhibitions and shows and displayed thousands of works

Thanks to SeeMe’s partnerships with some of the biggest and best-known art fairs in the world, the members of the SeeMe community get an open door to the global art stage.

At first, SeeMe started as a platform where artists could create a free portfolio, share their art, and win prizes. The prize categories were the Art Award, Music Award, Photography Award, and Fashion Award in the form of cash prize money and a chance to be featured on one of New York City’s art events like listening parties in NYC, art and photography exhibitions, and publications in magazines. 

But a lot has changed since then, and SeeMee has evolved since. Now we can witness a different, more empowered and incredible SeeMe. 

Here are the highlights of their reinvented story.

SeeMe - Vision & Mission

SeeMe – Vision & Mission

SeeMe is an organization that gathers creative individuals and art lovers across the world. They help emerging artists gain exposure and get discovered by art enthusiasts, collectors, and gallerists. In short: SeeMe exists to solve a major problem in the art world – getting your art in front of those who will appreciate it.

As they say, the road to making great art is never an easy one and they are there to provide support and give genuine and constructive feedback that can help creators polish their artistic expression and craft. 

Through their competitions, artists get a chance to exhibit their work at important art fairs, exhibitions, and SeeMe’s digital gallery and even win grand prizes that further support their work and professional development.

Exhibitions and SeeMe competitions

Exhibitions and SeeMe Competitions

Thanks to SeeMe’s partnerships with some of the biggest and best-known art fairs in the world, the members of the SeeMe community get an open door to the global art stage.

Selected artists get a chance to show their work at art shows like the NYC’s Affordable Art Fair and SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach and get featured on the See.ME website and online Gallery.

To participate in an exhibition like the Affordable Art Fair in New York, artists first have to submit their work exclusively during each of SeeMe’s open-call competitions. The artwork is made by photographers, painters, digital artists, and other members of this “international community of creatives who celebrate the image through various mediums”.

Then, a jury panel reviews the submissions and chooses up to 20 artists whose art will be displayed at the exhibitions in NYC and Miami which gather over 300k visitors and lovers of art. All participating artists get a chance to win a Grand Prize of over $10,000 in cash and a video story about them and their work.

SeeMe Signing up

Signing up

Competitions are open to the public and art creators can submit their work through Single Entry or Annual Membership

Single Entry into a competition costs $49 and gives creatives a chance to have their work displayed at the SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach. The Art Takes Miami event gives photographers and artists a chance to be discovered by an international audience of curators, collectors, and art influencers.

Apart from discounted entry into all open-call competitions on a once a year basis, the Annual Membership of $119 gives the SeeMe community members an invitation to participate in SeeMe competitions and a guarantee to have their work exhibited at least once during the membership period. 

Benefits for the SeeMe Community

Benefits for the SeeMe Community

The team behind SeeMe works hard to provide their members with the chances they deserve and also give constructive feedback and support.

All annual members can apply to be featured in the SeeMe’s residency program in New York City

More importantly, the members and winners of SeeMe’s competitions get the opportunity to sell their artwork at SeeMe Digital Gallery on Artsy and get promoted on SeeMe’s digital and social media channels.

The team behind SeeMe work hard to provide constructive feedback and support to art creators and amplify the potential and reach of their featured artists.

This has a huge amplifying potential for every artist since SeeMe has an amazing following of over 1 million email subscribers, nearly 420k Facebook followers, over 30k Twitter followers, and 14.6k Instagram followers. 

Featured artists section on the website is where each artist has their own creators page with an overview of their work, contact section, and a little heart at the end of the page which you can click on if you like their work. 

All the emerging talented artists from across the world that are featured daily on See.ME are carefully selected by the SeeMe’s curatorial team

The artwork at SeeMe Gallery

The artwork at SeeMe Gallery

The SeeMe Gallery is a fantastic channel on the Artsy online platform, where anyone can purchase art supported by SeeMe. People who are passionate about art could also contact SeeMe directly and inquire about a special piece of art or an artist at

Each piece of art represents original artwork created in limited-edition and 30 editions per image. Limited edition prints are printed on high-quality materials like 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art and photo paper, mounted to Gatorfoam. All of the pieces come with a lifetime quality guarantee.

If an artist doesn’t immediately get accepted to the SeeMe Gallery, the SeeMe’s artist advisory team gives them feedback and guidance necessary for going to the next level.

So, our beloved artists among our vast audience, what are you waiting for? Apply!

SeeMe Finishing touches

Finishing touches

Once again, it’s our pleasure seeing a group of art-loving and enthusiastic people who have chosen a .ME domain to be their online home. Their vision to craft a path for artists to gain recognition, achieve creative goals, receive valuable feedback, and get an amazing opportunity to promote and sell their artwork, is nothing short of inspiring. 

By submitting their work, artists are seen by a global community of other art creators, collectors, and enthusiasts which is a fantastic way of elevating their art and showing the world their artistic vision.

Therefore, artists, we might not be art connoisseurs, but we know a good opportunity worth investing your time in, when we see one. So, do not hesitate. Reach out, apply, share your talents!


Dora Jelaković

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