Social Sites Turn To .ME As Perfect Match

Podgorica, Montenegro – March 22, 2011 – Social media sites worldwide are finding .ME a perfect partner in promoting their goals of connectivity and individualism… two things every person entering a social media site is truly looking for.

According to a 2010 Nielsen report, social media and blog sites account for one in every four and a half minutes online.  By 2014, it is expected that two-thirds of Internet users worldwide, will be regular users of social networking sites.

Attracting users is essential to maintaining any site’s popularity and longevity. Many social media sites are turning to .ME to make that critical connection. Connect.Me is a great example. With the site’s beta invitation program beginning this month, this new social media service will add an innovative capability to all social networks. “Connect.Me will be the first personal network that lets people safely connect to other people, businesses and communities regardless of what social networks they use. Every person can connect in the context they decide is appropriate — just like we do in the real world,” says Joe Johnston, co-founder and CEO of Connect.Me. “The reason we chose the dot-ME domain is obvious… in a personal network, everything revolves around the individual. Connect.Me is our mission statement in two simple words.”

Another social site taking advantage of .ME’s elegance and simplicity is which uses the URL shortener, Yb.Me. “myYearbook has always been about making it easy to meet new people,” notes Geoff Cook, CEO of myYearbook. “The yb-dot-ME domain leads users to our Live gaming platform, giving our members a fast and fun way to reach our site and easily connect with someone to chat, interact and play live games. A dot-ME domain makes our job easier.”

VK.Me chose a .ME domain for the same reason. “As Russia’s largest social networking site, VKontakte acquired VK-dot-ME for its memorable, short and concise messaging and as the quickest path yet to VKontakte,” says Andrey Melnik, a key public relations executive for the site. “Most likely this domain will be a basis to our global service of fast messaging in the future,” adds Ilya Perekopsky, chief financial officer of VKontakte.

“Success in social media is survival of the fittest,” comments Predrag Lesic, executive director of the .ME Registry. “Ease of use and a strong brand are key. Dot-ME is a perfect brand connector for an online industry looking to marry individual interests with the creation of each virtual community.”

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