Startup Live Zagreb – With Lots Of Love From The .ME Team

We love startups! There is something incredibly exciting about the whole startup community. The ideas flowing around, the optimism, the good will of everyone included… It makes us feel good. It makes us happy. It makes us decide to partner up with awesome organizations and events that support startups.

That’s exactly why we partnered with Startup Live Zagreb! The event will be held in Zagreb, Croatia from March 15th – 17th in Starogradska vijećnica. We invite you to join us and spend three days with some of the most immaginative people in the region.

How it works

Participants come  either with their own business idea in an early stage or in a supporting role aiming to help others. Once the ideas are drafted to a level where they can be presented to investors, interdisciplinary teams are formed. They are supposed to push the ideas forward in a creative environment.

Next is the development of a business concept, which will be a basis for a company. The process will be accompanied by coaches, business angels, former start-up entrepreneurs and many more motivated participants. And, of course, the feedback is the most important part:

The groups will receive feedback on their final presentation by a panel of experts. Apart from intensive working, the possibilities to build a network are without boundaries. Participants can talk with investors, sponsors and other participants.

Anybody can join us. Register now and catch the early bird price! Early bird prices are only 10 – 35 euros, so make sure you get yours in time! See you there!


Ivana (Ivy) Gutierrez

Our Executive Editor Ivy is a graduate student at University of Zagreb where she is studying Communicology and Journalism. She is interested in PR and all things digital. More information is available on her website <a href="">Ivy's ink drops</a>.

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