StartupOpen: What Did these Wonderful Web Projects Present at BlogOpen 2011.

As many of you might know, BlogOpen is a conference about blogging, which celebrated its 5th birthday this weekend in Novi Sad, Serbia. For the first time, BlogOpen prepared a startup competition – StartupOpen, powered by .Me. We attended the event, heard some wonderful presentations and met some innovative startup projects. Let’s see who they are: was the first startup to present itself to the public. It’s Serbia’s first true Internet radio that communicates with its listeners via social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

The team explained how the only form of Internet radio in Serbia are several streams of local radio stations, which they plan to change. Audio overlay is a technology that enables them to know who you are based on the type of music you’re listening and according to that, you will get only those commercials that might be relevant to people who listen rock music. is a mobile news platform that will show you the news you choose to read and based on your location you might get notifications for group deals in that area. The platform that the’s team is developing can actually learn about your habits so you could get some personal recommendations on news sites you should follow.


QuickFix is all about online micropayments. They’re going to collect data on your online shopping habits with a good reason; if you ever find yourself shopping online and you don’t have enough money on your credit card, QuickFix will grant you a loan instantly.

QuickFix team (Photo by: Marina Filipović Marinshe)

Of course, the better your reputation is, the bigger the loan gets. As the developers said, if everything goes as planned, we might get QuickFix logo next to PayPal’s on many web shops.

Wall Wave

Wall Wave is a new social network that won’t have “likes” or “plusones” but rating in the range from -5 to +5. Based on your previous ratings and your statuses, Wall Wave will predict how you might feel. If your status says that you’re sad because the rain ruined your plans for today, it will predict that you’ll stay at home and suggest you get a cup of coffee…

Wall of Tweets

Wall of Tweets is an online, custom made Twitter wall application. There are many free solutions for a Twitter wall, but what’s so special in Wall of Tweets is the team behind it; they will create a custom design for every single client and even add some features like a logo next to your name or a list of Foursquare check-ins etc.

Vibor Cipan of UXPassion presenting Wall of Tweets (Photo by Marina Filipović Marinshe) is an online service for ordering food deliveries from restaurants. There are several services like that in the SEE region, but Mrkva has managed to differentiate enough to get some attention. They will allow for customers to pay with credit cards when placing an order. If the restaurant allows it, you will be able to make your own food online. team (Photo by Marina Filipović Marinshe)

The Winner Is…

After the presentations, during the short break, voters had a chance to vote online for whatever project they liked. The winner of the first StartupOpen is Wall of Tweets! Congrats to the startups and we hope to see you on a .me domain name soon 😉


Nikola Krajacic

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