Step 1: Be Honest, Just How Weird Are You?

Step 1: Be Honest, Just How Weird Are You?

If .ME was not a little bit weird, and a lot personal, .ME would be just like every other domain name out there and that would be… so ordinary.

We are all weird. You too! And we all know Austin is weird. 🙂 You are at SXSW, where meeting new interesting people is inevitable. If you’re really lucky, you’ll even get a chance to talk to some of the speakers you’ve been dying to hear.

You chat for a while and leave your business card. If you’re even luckier, your new weird friends will look you up online. What will they find? Make sure you don’t blow it, after you’ve been so lucky to bring them there!

Embrace your weird, nurture your quirky, and show it to the world!

The Power of You

There is not another person like you in the whole wide world. But can you say the same thing about yourself online?

Every little interaction with another individual, or system, leaves behind a digital trace that, in the end, makes up the puzzle of your personal brand.

The idea of people being brands can feel a bit uncomfortable, but it’s how the world works.

You dress a certain way, you talk a certain way, and you dedicate your time to the things you most value. All of that combined creates your public image and impacts they way people perceive you. Your public image affects how they interact with you, how they think of you and what they will say about you.

It’s the same online. We have become small-time (in some cases, very big-time) entertainers through our blogs, Facebook updates, Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts and Snaps. Everything we do online, makes up our online image. Yes, even your crazy snaps from SXSW. 😀

So, what does your online image say? Does it show your amazing creativity and ingenuity? Can people see how wildly passionate you are about music? Is your cleverness on display? Or are you just another colorless avatar?


Let’s Say I Am a Colorless Avatar, Why Should I Care?

There are no geographical or time limits online. You are known to more than the limited number of people you are physically surrounded by every day. Our business and personal interactions are increasingly happening online and the line between the real, physical, world and online one is almost nonexistent.

The survey we did in late 2015 showed that Googling people has become a common behavior. Turnes out that about a quarter of us will look up someone a friend mentioned in a conversation and more than 40% have actually changed our opinion about someone based on content we saw online.

Even finding nothing at all is considered highly suspicious. That’s why a colorless avatar is not such a great idea after all, and it’s certainly not worthy of you.

Control the Conversation about Your Own Uniqueness

It is important to own your identity and to hone your personal brand so you have control over the central conversation about you. You should be the one to say how weird you are, not your friends, followers or social media accounts. They know only slivers of you. Only you know the real deal, so let us have it!

Your options when it comes to taking control of your online brand are limitless. After all, .ME is the proof of that! Register your .ME with one of our three partner registrars and build yourself an online home that shows the real you.

No sure how to do it? Read on:

Step 2: Social Media, The Spice Of Your Personal Brand

Step 3: Achieve Total Weirdness – Get a Personal Website of Your Own

Don’t get lost in the sea of nameless faces and colorless avatars, embrace your unique self and Stay Weird With .ME!


Sanja Gardasevic

Digital marketing professional with a passion for technology, creative challenges, and giving back to the community.

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