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The Story Behind The First ME Day

By Sanja Gardasevic, March 3, 2015

When we first started sharing the idea of a ME Day movement with our closest friends and associates, we were faced with equal amount of enthusiasm and “Whys”.

“Why ME day?”

“How did you come to this idea?”

The answer is quite simple – we felt the need to start an initiative that has the potential to make our lives, and lives of others less stressful and more fulfilling.

Technological advancements in the recent years allowed us to achieve more and to be present at many places at once, but they also raised a question of blurred lines between personal and professional lives and increasing amount of stress we put ourselves under. Work/life balance has become a hot topic of discussion in professional circles and we felt the need to put our two cents in.

.ME team is comprised of experienced professionals that know all about the hardships of achieving work/life balance and, for us, this is something that represents a constant challenge. As people eager to advance professionally, form meaningful relationships and give back to the community, it’s not easy to make time for everything we want to take part in, and something has to be put on a back burner. Most often, that something is us.

With the goal of discovering if others face the same difficulties when it comes to achieving work/life balance, we conducted a ME Day survey. What we learned is that while 8 out of 10 people feel stressed and have trouble achieving work/life balance, only 30% of people regularly made time for themselves during the past year. The reasons you can probably guess – lack of time (isn’t that a vicious circle?) and feelings of guilt that emerge every time we even think about putting ourselves first.

On the other hand, independent research shows how important quality ME time is to for our well-being. It seems that no matter how stressed we feel, by intentionally pursuing activities we enjoy, we recharge out batteries and neutralize the negative effects of stress on both our body and mind. ME time also allows us to take a break, reflect, and view our challenges in a different light, which ultimately improves the quality of our relationships and our performance at work.

Unfortunately, the fact is that the idea of taking regular ME time is not a part of our national or organizational cultures. On the contrary, as we have seen in our survey, it’s something that is often condemned as selfish or a costly indulgence. We think that it’s time for that practice to change!

Life is short and life is one. We should not spend it feeling stressed out and unsatisfied. We should not settle either. Rather, let’s embrace our superpowers, share them with the world and aim high!

That is where the idea of a ME Day – a day when we all embrace our inner heroes, share our superpowers with the world, or just take time for ourselves by doing something that recharges us – came from. We believe that we all deserve at least one day to celebrate out achievements, embrace our one-of-a-kind personalities and connect to what is really important to us.

We are proud of the response we have received from our community and of the fact that the growing number of influencers, business owners and personal branding advocates will be joining us on March 16th to celebrate ME Day and raise awareness about the importance of taking regular ME time.

You are invited to join too!

Schedule March 16th in your calendar as a day when you will make time to celebrate and share what makes you unique and indulge, nourish and develop your passions and skills. Encourage your friends and family to do the same, and don’t forget to share your ME Day experience with a #MEday hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

The goal of this blog post is to spread the values of self-appreciation and importance of taking care of ourselves, and give you a place where you can feature who you are and celebrate your achievements. 


Sanja Gardasevic

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