Struggling with Weight? Lumen Helps You Hack your Metabolism

Struggling with Weight? Lumen Helps You Hack your Metabolism

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A few days ago, I had an unpleasant debate with one of my friends who was telling me about these awesome weight loss pills he was taking. I tried to explain that this may be yet another sneaky marketing trick feeding off our insecurities, but it was all in vain. This is why I decided to prove my point. I googled “lose weight” and some of the most common results I bumped into were “lose weight fast,” “lose weight in 10 days,” or “lose 30 pounds in a month.”

What are these results really telling us?

For decades, overcoming weight loss problems has been one of the world’s most talked-about topics, leaving lots of room for guesswork and interpretations. Just take a look at all those diets that have proven to be ineffective or even dangerous for our health recently. Not to mention that this has become an easy source of income for anyone in the weight loss industry. Whenever you turn on your TV, read your favorite magazine or navigate through your favorite fitness blog, you’ll come across at least one weight loss ad. They present you with a plenitude of weight loss supplements, apps, gadgets, or workout equipment that help you hack your weight without having to move your finger.

Unfortunately, your weight won’t disappear once you pay for a magic weight loss pill. It’s not about starving yourself to death, either. Losing weight is all about improving your overall well-being and adapting your dietary habits and workouts to your metabolism.

This is exactly what the scientists behind Lumen ( are trying to achieve.

The Science Behind Lumen


Lumen is a serious, purely scientific, and data-backed product, designed by a group of qualified scientists, health experts, and nutritionists. On their site, they emphasize that metabolism is life. They highlight that our metabolism is impacted by numerous factors, including genetics, age, weight, gender, dietary habits, sleep, exercise, metabolic flexibility, and outside factors.

Losing weight is all about improving your overall well-being and adapting your dietary habits and workouts to your metabolism. This is exactly what the scientists behind Lumen are trying to achieve.

“Your metabolism is different than your friends, your colleagues, your favorite actor. So why shouldn’t your nutrition be? By making a small change to the way you eat, you will see a big difference.”

So, the general idea behind Lumen is clear – to help us understand how our metabolism works, track it in real time, and give us the right tips based on the data it gathers.


Measuring metabolism in a single breath


Ok, we’re all familiar with breathalyzers that measure the concentration of alcohol in one’s breath. But, did you know that it is possible to measure your metabolism through your breath? Yep, science has gone that far. This technique of metabolic measurement isn’t that new, as it has been used by the world’s best athletes to reach their top levels of fitness for years. It is based on measuring respiratory quotient, the ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen one consumes. Traditionally, to have your RQ measured, you had to enter the so-called metabolic chamber for an hour, while the team of practitioners would track and analyze your results.

Now, Lumen makes this process far simpler, as it requires a single breath to deliver the same results. Both the internal and external validation studies conducted at numerous hospitals and universities so far have proven that its results match the gold standard measurement for RQ.


The simplicity of Lumen’s technology


This is an awesome, sophisticated device you need to breathe into to keep track of your metabolism in real-time. It has an inbuilt CO2 sensor and a flow meter that determines the concentration of carbon dioxide in your breath. The device is directly connected to the Lumen app that, based on your current metabolic processes, gives you personalized daily nutrition plans to help you lose weight and improve the effectiveness of your workouts.


Lumen Improves the Quality of Your Life


Using Lumen is just like having your own, personal nutritionist, meal planner, life coach, and fitness advisor. Except it’s less expensive, easier to use, and meets your specific needs more effectively. With this in mind, here some of the major advantages of the technology behind Lumen.


Real-time metabolism tracking


The Lumen app lets you track your meals, activity, and sleep whenever you want that. Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to monitor your progress over time and immediately see what works for you.


Personalized experiences


Lumen tracks how your yesterday’s meals, workouts, and other activities are impacting your metabolism today. Based on your metabolic state and the food preferences you’ve set, it creates highly personalized, daily meal plans for you. You will get a list of your optimal dishes at the moment, the detailed recipes, as well as the information about the calories, proteins, fats, and carbs in each of these dishes.


Optimized workouts


Lumen lets you assess the effectiveness of your training. For example, breathe in before the workout to see whether you have enough energy or you should fuel up first. You should also use it after the gym to see how the training impacted your metabolism and learn what to do next.


Unveiling “the why” behind your metabolism


Based on what you’ve eaten or how much water you’ve consumed, the app will explain to you what’s going on with your body. “You’re 3lb heavier today because of excess water and glycogen” is just one of numerous personalized messages you may get. You can even start taking photos of your food and get professional feedback from a Lumen nutritionist.



Smooth Design Created with a User in Mind


It took 4 years for designers to come up with a perfect design of the Lumen device. Designed with an attention to detail, the sleek lines and the compact size of this gadget make it extremely easy to use anywhere and anytime. The app design follows the same pattern. To deliver the outstanding user experience, it is responsive, fast, simple, and highly visual.

Using Lumen is just like having your own, personal nutritionist, meal planner, life coach, and fitness advisor. Except it’s less expensive, easier to use, and meets your specific needs more effectively.

Instead of the heavy text design that turns users off, the designers focused on providing simple charts, pleasant images, actionable tips, and lots of white space to engage users and keep them focused on reaching their goals.

Given the fact that Lumen’s founders are planning on shipping the product worldwide, creating a solid website that will put them in front of the right target audience was necessary. And, as it is their customers’ first touchpoint with their brand, they designed a site that reflects the core values and advantages of their product – its user-friendliness, reliability, smooth design, and a highly personalized approach to each user.

Here is what we can learn from them about using a website to build a solid brand and improve customer relationships.


1. Build an Authentic Narrative Around Your Brand.


Your customers click on thousands of sites when conducting their search. This is why you need to grab their attention from the very beginning and get them to remember you. But, this is only possible if you create a memorable story about your brand that will help you evoke the desired emotion in your target audience.

At Lumen, they did that in a few ways.

For starters, they created an engaging “About” page. This is where they’ve told their foundation story, emphasized the expertise and the diversity of their team, and clearly stated what real-life problems they can solve. In their content, they use the first person singular to indicate that they’re a small and cohesive team and boost the human side of their brand.

By choosing sweet and short .ME, they managed to create a powerful call to action and literally enlighten their potential users about a completely new and healthier way to hack metabolism.

In addition to this information, they dedicated the entire page on their site, the Science section, to explain the scientific approach to hacking metabolism. In an easy-to-digest way, they tell us what our metabolism is, why it is important, and what its components and processes are. Through these simple definitions, they’ve once again shown what their product stands for, emphasized its value and uniqueness and, above all, proved that they know what they’re talking about.



2. Leverage UX Design to Engage Your Customers


To inspire your customers to stay longer on your site, engage with your content, and perform the desired action, you need to make your site highly usable and responsive. And, Lumen is a perfect example of a site created with a user in mind. Here are a few things you will notice when you land on their homepage.

  • Simple navigation. The menu is placed on the standard position and consists of only three clearly defined categories- Science, About, and FAQ. The choice of a simple, traditional menu is a powerful choice, as it helps your visitors find their information fast and won’t distract them from completing the desired action. To take their users’ browsing experience to the next level, they also created a lengthy and fluid homepage that feels almost like a story one needs to follow.
  • Customized calls to action. Once building your site’s link architecture and creating CTAs, you need to remember that your main aim is to guide your customers down the funnel. This is why your calls to action should never be generic. To inspire a user to click on it and take them from point A to point B, you need to emphasize what’s in it for them. This is why Lumen’s Pre-Order (16% Off Now) CTA sounds like an ideal option.
  • Customer testimonials. Lumen shares their customers’ testimonials to tell real-world stories of their product’s benefits and show their visitors that they’ve already helped people with similar problems. Any form of social proof boosts your credibility in the eye of a potential customer.
  • A straightforward value proposition. One of the first things you will spot once you land on the homepage is the hero image of a man using breathing into Lumen and a strong headline- “First device to hack your metabolism & lose weight.” It’s complemented by an informative sub-headline that tells us what exactly the product does- “In a single breath, see if your body is burning fat or carbs and what to do about it.” There are also the images of the app, a brief video, and the list of the benefits of Lumen that will make it easy for a user to understand what the product is about not leaving their homepage.


3. Nurture Customer Relationships by Giving Feedback


Digital marketing experts often emphasize the importance of building a transparent brand and providing customers with an instant feedback. And, this is what the designers of also had in mind. Namely, they have a comprehensive FAQ section, where they answer their customers’ most common questions. And they’ve optimized it for their users: you can look for the information either by entering the keyword in the search box on the FAQ page or by searching for it by topic, as all questions are classified into logical categories. Finally, if you cannot find the desired information, you can always use the chat widget on the site to get the real-time feedback.


4. It All Starts with Choosing an Illuminating Name (Pun Intended)


In case you didn’t know, lumen is an SI unit representing the total quantity of visible light produced by its source. However, there is also a metaphorical, almost poetic side of this word its founders had in mind. Originating from the Latin word lux (light), Lumen is a perfect name for a revolutionary product like theirs. And, by choosing sweet and short .ME, they managed to create a powerful call to action and literally enlighten their potential users about a completely new and healthier way to hack metabolism.

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