Summer Academic Course “It’s My Treat, Start Up Is On Me”

Summer Academic Course “It’s My Treat, Start Up Is On Me”

Interested in being your own boss after you finish studies? Would you consider yourself a creative, ambitious, and friendly person? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we have just a thing for you.

Starting today, student organization “BEST” from Podgorica is organizing a Summer Academic Course with an interesting name – “It’s my treat, start up is on me”. The course lasts until the 10th of July so you better reserve your spot right away. You will spend five days listening to stories and receiving advice from many inspiring, successful people and you don’t want to miss that. So, take this little piece of advice from us, take your notes and focus one hundred percent! You won’t regret it.

Through lectures of the most prominent experts in the tech and startup fields, you will gain a chance to improve your qualities and meet new people from 22 different countries! That sounds tempting, wouldn’t you agree?

As part of the program, our CMO Nataša Đukanović will be holding a workshop called “Smart marketing for startups”. Let your expectations soar, you won’t be disappointed. Nataša will provide you with an interactive experience, which is probably the best way to actually learn things! You won’t just have to absorb information, you will have a chance to implement what you hear in practice. This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to approach digital marketing and the promotion of your startup in a strategic way.

Summer Academic Course „It's My Treat, Start Up Is On Me“

Not only that, our CEO Predrag Lešić will be a mentor at startup workshops organized as part of the Course. He is a designated visionary in our team because he knows to evaluate if the idea is good or not in just a couple of seconds. But we won’t tell you too much, it’s best to see for yourself.

The Summer Academic Course is one of a kind opportunity for the students and young people of Montenegro to learn how to monetize their ideas and creativity. Not only that, events like these help set the foundations of a new type of culture and mindset. They help nurture the much-needed entrepreneurial culture in Montenegrin society.

Providing financial support is not the only way to generate these social changes. We understand that human capital is as important as financial, which is why we so selflessly share the knowledge of our team. It gives us the chance to make connections, inspire people, and grow not only as individuals but as the society as a whole.

Dear students, this meeting makes us super excited so make sure to apply now! One day, when your ideas lead to brilliant successes, we will count on you to come back to teach us. Until then, our “teachers” will definitely help with the success part! 🙂



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