Swiing.me – Platform for Music Discovery Experience

Swiing.me – Platform for Music Discovery Experience

Swiing is not your average music app! It’s a fantastic music discovery application fueled by friend recommendations and AI.

The idea to create a powerful product that has the potential to enhance the way people discover music was conceived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, in 2019.

In less than four months, the Swiing team led by the founder Anish Jain managed to build up their idea to a minimum viable product (MVP) and beta launch in December 2019.

Currently, this startup’s team is actively raising funds and working on feature development and marketing. 

The app is available to iOS users (requires iOS 9.0 or later). It is compatible with Phone, iPad, and iPod touch. Android users will have to wait for a little while longer for the Android release.

Now that we’ve covered these details, let’s have a look at what Swiing.me a.k.a. Tinder for Music can offer to music lovers.

Optimal music discovery experience

optimal music discovery experience

Discovering music seamlessly has been the driving force behind the project. 

Music creation and production have been massive thanks to the proliferation of (digital music) technology. This is a fantastic development which, at the same time, has hindered music discovery. 

Today, an average music listener would need a certain amount of time and effort to find music they’d truly love. However, time is a resource not many people can spend on unearthing quality music that truly matches their preferences.

Swiing is a platform where users can find artists and songs they love and integrate them in their music libraries.

Also, discovering music usually occurs in the same way listening does and that’s through streaming platforms. Although most of them have solid recommendation mechanisms, none of them seems to provide a truly optimized music discovery experience. 

And that’s how Swiing was made – to create a platform where users can find artists and songs they love and integrate them in their music libraries.

Discover songs

how to discover songs

There are probably hundreds of millions of songs in the world. Apple Music and Spotify both claim to have 60 million tracks in their libraries. That’s a lot of digital music clutter, even for the biggest music streamers and most passionate music lovers. 

Swiing proprietary filtering technology facilitates this process. First, a user picks which artists, albums, playlists, and charts they want to explore. Then they swipe on 30-second song previews to like songs and navigate a series of ‘option 1 or option 2’ decisions. After just 10 choices, an overwhelming set of 30,000 songs, for instance, is narrowed down to just 30 songs! 

With Swiing, you get a perfectly selected set of music thanks to the power of Swiing’s AI curation algorithm.

Imagine that? A perfectly curated set of music thanks to the power of Swiing’s AI curation algorithm.

Once they go through this initial phase, users get Swiing recommendations based on their past likes and dislikes, coupled with live mood, genre, and activity filters. Also, users can filter the songs using the same smart filters. 

After connecting with other users, their feed also starts featuring songs recommended by their friends and the top 200 filtered by their favorite genre.

Create playlists

how to create playlists

Once a user gets curated songs, they can build playlists. A great feature of Swiing is that you don’t have to create playlists manually if you don’t want to. The platform recommends playlists automatically based on music and songs that harmonize with each other.

It gets even cooler.

All the songs you liked and playlists you created can be exported to Spotify and, according to the website, Apple Music shortly.

The process couldn’t be more streamlined than this.

Swiing songs to your friends

swiing songs to your friends

When you discover great music that you think would blow your best friend’s mind, you can easily re-share the song previews with them. The app also has a family sharing option which allows up to six family members to use the app, which is FREE by the way. 

So, you find a song, you “Swiing” it to a friend’s feed, and you get a notification about what they think about it. 

The fun doesn’t stop there.

If your recommendations are good and if the songs you recommended get more popular as time passes, you can earn social currency. At last! A fun and social way of getting points and acknowledgment for your musical expertise!

You can earn social currency by giving good recommendations and if the songs you recommended get more popular as time passes.

The Swiing team plans to work more on expanding the social functionality of the platform. They’re working on developing personal messages, group chats, reactions, stories, group playlists, and activity feeds, and also Shazam-like music identification software.

We’re too eager to see all of that come true!

Platform with a .ME


As Swiing.me is a platform that provides an optimal digital music discovery experience, the choice of setting up a website is a must-do

To our great pleasure, the Swiing team decided to register a .ME domain name, and here’s why we think it perfectly matches their brand.

First off, music is personal. It shows who we are, where we come from, what we like. It has the power of evoking the most distant memories and emotions. That’s why the .ME domain name is ideal because it’s also personal. It immediately tells the user that the music they love is THEIR music.

In addition, it perfectly matches the intention behind the social element of the platform. You ask friends to “Swiing” good music to YOU, and in the same way, you share it with THEM! A great call-to-action!

On top of that, coupled with .ME, the Swiing brand and domain name are memorable and incredibly easy to call up. As a result, recommendations also flow effortlessly.

On their website, you can find the links to their social networks and contact information. This is especially important for a brand like Swiing that’s in the phase of building up a following and working on marketing.

Finally, as a growing brand, they have the same visual identity across all channels, which is great for their long-term strategy.

Last measure

There you go, music lovers. Finally, an app that helps discover songs you love in a (heart)beat and have fun with your friends. 

Swiing is already a fantastic AI-powered platform, and we can’t wait to see all the future additions that can only make it better. Swipe away and enjoy the music!


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