Sync.ME: Contact Synchronization Service On Your Phone

Sync.ME: Contact Synchronization Service On Your Phone

Have you ever longed for an application that will update your contacts and remind you of birthdays and anniversaries? Yes? Good. So let us present you Sync.ME, a magical application that will make many things easier for you and your busy life. In a short time, Sync.ME has made quite a boom: a number of 7 million users of Sync.ME speaks for itself.

What Benefits Is Sync.ME Offering?

  • Always keep your contacts up-to-date.
  • Keep your friends and colleges updated with your latest contact info.
  • Choose how you appear in your friend’s and colleagues’ phones.
  • Get birthday reminders, create and personalized greeting cards.
  • Keep your ultimate business card.

Sync.Me application is a free application that ensures you keep all of your contacts from Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. This synchronized platform is available for Apple iOS and Android. All you need is download the application and let it synchronize your smartphone with the latest photos, information, phone numbers and email addresses.

Whenever someone of your friends and colleagues changes something, you will be automatically updated without having to do anything. Pretty good and handy, don’t you think? If your friends aren’t using this app, be free to invite them and spread the voice about Sync.ME.

Meet Your ME Card!


Earlier last month, the company launched a new feature called ME Card. With ME Card you will keep your friends and colleagues updated with your latest contact details. They will be automatically updated when you change your phone, job, address and any other details.

ME Card allows you to choose how you appear in your friend’s phones. Creating your card is really easy and everything works fast and correct. If you have your own business card and want to include an actual digital image of it, just align business card with the box, tap on-screen to focus and make a shot with camera. When you finish, it will appear on your profile and you will have it on your phone too. Just imagine how good it will take with your colleagues and future clients and business partners!

TechCrunch wrote:

The initial draw for users is Sync.ME’s social integration. Similar to many attempts at creating a ‘social address book’, such as those by handset maker HTC with its ‘Sense’ customisation, or the late Palm’s ‘Synergy’, Sync.ME integrates with Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as a phone’s existing contacts, and essentially merges or ‘syncs’ that contact data into a single entry for each contact.

How Much Information Is Exposed on Sync.ME?

Don’t worry. Everything is under your control. When creating ME Card, you will decide how much information you would like to share with others and vice versa. This is one of the reasons why ME Card was created at the first place. Before this new feature, users of Sync.ME had to send mass email or text messages with their latest updates.

Now, ME card is doing that for you with updates you want to share with others. With this app, you will be able to present yourself in the best possible way to your colleagues and business partners. As well, you will never forget your friend’s birthdays or anniversary. It’s nice to have an application that cares about such things instead of you. Fast and easy to use, it will make a quite difference in your life.



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