TenTune.Me: Showcase your music

TenTune.Me: Showcase your music

The music market is global, it is huge and it is saturated. There are great musicians and artists on the radio, in bars, on the streets and playing in garages, waiting to be discovered or simply to be heard. Nowadays, you have mere seconds to make an impression. But don’t give up hope just yet, it seems that with new technologies and music discovery channels, seconds just might be enough. TenTune is a great new way of introducing music lovers to great new bands and artists they will love, in just ten seconds.

Gone are the days when people would put on a record, relax and listen to the whole thing, idly flipping through the covers. No one has time to grab a drink at a bar and stay for the whole gig. We don’t sit around the radio, anxious to see what’s new on the playlists. We get our music on the go, in the car, on our way to work, in-between chores. So where could  a new band or a struggling artist find their place in our busy schedules?

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Mexican startup TenTune wants to tackle this problem and help Indie musicians share their music and find their raging fans. At first, TenTune wanted to showcase the music of various authors giving a minute to each musician to show what they do best. They decided to test their method in cafe full of hipsters, with nothing but a piece of paper with play button sketched on it. The idea seemed to sit well with this unusual test group and TenTune went to become a web app where musicians could share their music with the whole world. They made some minor changes to their initial plan, giving every artist only ten seconds to present their work, but that seems to do the trick.

Music Bling Tasting

TenTune calls their method “music blind tasting” and the concept is very simple: musicians have ten seconds to show the most exciting part of their songs on TenTune.me and music fans can go through dozens of songs in a few minutes, discovering their new favorite artists on the go.

TenTune.me is a minimalistic web page with one big play button right in the centre- simple, without any unnecessary clutter and fuss, not unlike their paper prototype. All you have to do is sit back, hit play and discover new music that will blow your mind. If you happen to like a song, show it by hitting the heart right in the centre of the player and you will get all the info on the author. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, visit their homepage and share them with your friends.

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Get Your Music Heard

If you are an artist trying to get your music heard, this is the right place for you. Take the best ten seconds of your song, something that really speaks for your work and shows who you are and what you can do. Find your fans, let them connect with you and see the impact in your iTunes sales, YouTube or Soundcloud plays, Facebook, Twitter and more. Showing off your music this way means that you can also get real time information about what music fans like and dislike and what you can do to reach and appeal to more people.

Discover some great music on TenTune.me or through TenTune music app.


Tena Šojer

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