The Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page

The Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page

When we finally get that traffic to our web page, it is then time to start converting the viewers and visitors into business leads. In order to do that successfully, a landing page is just the thing we need.

The simplest definition of a landing page or a lander would be that it is a single webpage that appears in response to clicking on an online advertisement or a SEO search result. Each landing page is composed of a group of definable elements and it is how we present those elements that determines how successful the lander will be.

First of all, each company needs its unique selling proposition – USP. The most effective USPs contain a main headline which needs to be very effective considering that you have only 8 seconds to make a compelling point, then comes the supporting headline, reinforcing statement and a closing argument.

The next part in the anatomy of a landing page is a hero image, which can be a large banner image. However, in recent studies it has been determined that using videos on landing pages can increase conversion by 86%.

When you have captured the attention of the visitor, it is time to give them a reason to stay by listing the benefits of your offer. One of the best ways to present the benefits is through a bullet point summary, although a detailed presentation of benefits and features might also be effective.

Another important part of a successful landing page is the social proof. Having a clear presentation of your user social proof can have a positive effect on the conversion rate of your landing page. Finally, we come to your CTA – call to action. This can be as important as the headline, since 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA. Having an effective and visible call to action can make all the difference in the success of your landing page.

For more information about the best practices for creating and maintaining a successful landing page, take a look at the infographic below.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page


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