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blogofwendallIt’s about me. Wendell. Therefore, Wendell.Me. That isn’t so hard, is it? Even though the “Wit” was part of my real last name, it placed excessive pressure on my to be witty all the time (which is an extra-high quality version of ‘funny’ ), so , when the .me domains became available, I got a “wit-free” domain.It doesn’t mean I’ll never be witty anymore, but now I can also be wacky, goofy, silly, mildly humorous or even deadly serious (but if I start doing to much of  that, I’ll start a separate blog)




100% Internet geek. Committed to sharing important company announcements and helping my .ME fellows leave their mark online. In love with all things social media and always up for a chat. Contact ME at @domainME.

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