The Builders Club – A Startup Founders Community

The Builders Club – A Startup Founders Community

Today, we would like to introduce you to quite special .ME members. They’re the pioneers of a new entrepreneurial spirit. They don’t fall under the toxic premise that wiping out the competition is justified and even preferable business tactic. Instead, they hone the concept of helping others stand on the shoulders of giants. 

What’s more, this group of people is composed of startup founders from different industries. Offering their shoulders to new and inexperienced startups, they guide beginners through the process they themselves underwent before them. We are proud to present to you The Builders Club.

“We are industry and designation agnostic.” – The Builders Club Team

Founded in 2020 by a group of industry leaders led by Sohail Khan, The Builders Club is an invitation-only network of startup founders and established entrepreneurs who help each other build outstanding things. They are passionate about business, startups, and technology. They believe in assisting others in their growth while also growing with the team. 

Their philosophy is to improve your talents, meet new individuals with whom you may collaborate on projects. Or, as they say: “just put on the work music and deep dive into work.” 

From Idea to Fundraising

The Builders Club has developed a four-stage system. This system walks young entrepreneurs through the fundamentals of becoming a business. All the way to raising funds.

The Idea Stage

One of the Club’s main goals is to assist you in getting your idea validated. If you have an idea or a concept but aren’t sure what to do with it, The Builders Club’s got you covered! Through their program, their members will get a number of chances to test your idea with other builders. They keep a directory of builders in the group who are willing to interact with and assist others. That way, startups can network with individuals in the industry and ask for advice.

In addition, almost every day, the Builders Club hosts voice or video-based events for its members. Live AMAs, networking gatherings, twitter spaces, and workshops are just a few examples.

The MVP Stage

Yet another prominent feature of The Builders Club. They assist you in gathering feedback on your MVP before launching it to assert your product in the market. Not to mention that they provide weekly product showcase sessions. Here, you can show off your work in front of other builders and get immediate feedback from the best in the industry.

The Growth Stage

At this level, the Club invites you to join the Early Tester Group of their “Secret Traction Initiative”. During this stage, members put a new way of doing business as a community to the test.

The Fundraising Stage

This is their so-called “Open Mic Pitch Sessions.” In this stage, two startups rehearse their investor pitch before investors, guest operators, and venture capitalists every two weeks. They get real-time feedback on their business and advice on how to approach potential investors. In addition, they have developed “Investobase”, a tool that allows founders to filter investors by domain interest and stage. Then, they can contact them immediately without having to hunt up their contact information. Investobase is still in closed beta stage.

The Builders Camp

“From idea to launch in 50 days”. The main principle of The Builders Camp can be described in that exact sentence. Workshops and guest lectures by industry experts provided through the Bootcamp will teach young entrepreneurs how to construct their products efficiently. Each workshop will be followed by assignments that put their ideas into action. All participants will receive constructive feedback from mentors and peers before being guided through a Product Hunt and social media launch. Mentors are among India’s top builders, with over 100 product launches under their belts.

The main principle of The Builders Camp can be described in one sentence: “From idea to launch in 50 days”.

Young leaders will learn how to do the following during this camp:

  • Collaborate with peers and mentors to develop, discuss, and finalize their concepts.
  • Discover how to validate their businesses and develop a strategy.
  • Recognize how to make pivots and iterations depending on research.
  • Understand how to pitch their idea to a specific audience.
  • Discover how to launch and gain their first users successfully.
  • Create a plan for how they will make money from the startup.
  • Develop a strategy for launching their businesses.
  • Create a working prototype to present to customers.

During the Bootcamp, businesses will have access to tools worth $20,000 to help them get started on their entrepreneurial journey.

Final Words

Aspiring startup founders have found great help in the work of The Builders Club. Many talented people are grateful to be able to be part and benefit from such a community.

And we are happy that such a community can be part of the even larger .ME family.



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