Top 5 Domain Tools For Mozilla Firefox

It doesn’t matter how you are connected to the domain world; whether you’re buying them, selling them, auctioning them or just collecting them, you have something in common with every domain owner in the world – you’re using a web browser.

So the question is – can you make your browser to get some useful domain information? If you’re using Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, you sure can. All you need are these Firefox add-ons to get some valuable information about the domains you’re visiting.

Domain Lookup

Domain Lookup has some great features; have you ever read a text online and thought – hey, this would make a great domain name? If so, now you can easily check if .com version of that domain is available, it’s right there in your right click!

Domain Lookup

Sometimes you’ll just enter a domain name to see if it’s registered or not, but your Firefox will get that Server Not Found error. That’s useless. Domain Lookup will, on the other hand, give you some more tools to get to that domain; you’ll be able to register it, view WHOIS record, make an offer or discover who is hosting the domain. Finally, there’s a search box so you can lookup domain right from your search bar.

Domain Extension

Domain Extension is a small sized addon that will allow you to check domain availability with support for over 20 different TLD extensions. Every search query you make will be performed within your browser’s windows and you can easily register the domain at the registrar of your choice.

Domain Details

You already know that behind every domain name there is a unique IP address. But how can you get to that IP address? Try using Domain Details as it will show you your local IP address and the IP address of the server hosting the site you’re visiting. Surely, this also works with .me domain names!

Domain Details

If you get the Server Not Found error, Domain Details will offer you to go to Google Cache or to check domain status.

Domain Search Guru

This cute addon might not have the best design ever, but it gets job done. It’s job is to search for domains, check domain name availability, get their IP address and even location of the server.

Domain Search Guru

Guru will also tell you the domain’s popularity rank, WHOIS data and will assist you with registration of the domains.

Historical Domain Sales Search

If you’re into domain buying and selling bussiness, you might give Historical Domain Sales Search a chance. It will search through past domain sales, from eBay, GoDaddy or Sedo. Its semantic search includes synonymous and related forms, dozens of filters by price, domain extension, language and many more.

What tools do you use?


Nikola Krajacic

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