Top Five Parenting Blogs: Getting To Know Your Youngster

Top Five Parenting Blogs: Getting To Know Your Youngster

Being a parent is probably the most challenging and wonderful experience in the world. Child’s mind is a place of endless imagination, curiosity and hunger when it comes to discovering new things. It can even push your limits, thus waking up the child inside you and changing your life forever.

However, you can never be too prepared for parenthood. There is always something new and important to learn, but you must never forget that there is no perfect parent nor perfect child. We at Domain.ME absolutely adore kids and we love to write about them.

Today we have decided to make a list of Top 5 Parenting Blogs! These blogs will give you insight to other’s parents lives and show you how they struggle with everyday problems. These parents are sharing warm, funny and instructive experiences on how they are raising their children.

1. PhD In Parenting


Annie is not a usual blogger who writes about parenting and she doesn’t like to be called mommy blogger. Interesting insight of her blogs shows posts about parenting, politics, social change and feminism. She is open-minded, free spirit and trying to do her best in raising her two kids. Annie is trying to transfer social awareness to her children, teaching them how to live with different cultures, generations and sexual orientations. Her main goal, as every with every other parent, is to make her child happy.

I am imperfect in every way and I’m okay with that because I know I’ll never stop trying to do better.

2. Kayla Aimee: Stories From An ( Only Slightly ) Neurotic Girl


Kayla is a mother of Scarlette (2), living in the South of USA. She writes about  her infertility issues, giving premature birth to her baby girl, marriage and keeping an everyday journal about her family life. As Scarlette was born 15 weeks earlier, Kayla had to stay at home with her. She decided to make the best of it and started using her parenting blog as a source of income. She wrote The Blog Book where she answers on FAQ about blogging. Optimistic, kind and friendly blog with many interesting tutorials. It will make you laugh, learn something new and feel somehow cozy.

Blogging has been a blessing in my life both emotionally, socially and financially and I hope that you’re able to use the tips and tricks in this e-book to make all your blogging dreams come true.

3. Love That Max


This blog is about a mother of two, Sabrina and Max. Max has special needs and his mother, longtime magazine editor is sharing her experience with raising her kids. Everyone who has a child with special needs will find this blog inspiring and optimistic. It will give you ideas and make you laugh. Max’s mother is giving various advice and suggestions about toys, books and activities that she has used with Max. If you have a child with special needs, it will encourage you and definitely make you feel better.

4. How To Be A Dad


Though moms are the most frequent bloggers, we wanted to show you that there are dad bloggers too. Maybe they are a little bit underestimated but certainly not less important than mothers. This dad for sure will make you laugh and feel good after reading his experience as the father but as well as the husband. We think this dad’s point of view is definitely worth reading.

5. Janine’s Confessions Of A Mommyaholic


Janine is mother of two adorable girls, Lily and Emma. She is a professional teacher but at the moment she is a stay-at-home mom who cares about her two little girls. Having girls is never easy and is always challenging. In her blog she is giving advice on how it is being the mom of two and how to organize the whole family. Janine is also writing about products reviews and delicious recipes. Some of you might think that stay-at-home moms live an easy life, but you would not believe how actually busy they are!

We have chosen the Top 5 Parenting Blogs to show you different families, situations and points of view in parenting. Hope you will enjoy every one of them in a unique way!


Dora Jelaković

Our blogger Dora has graduated at the University of Zagreb, where she majored in Business Economy, department of Marketing. She is interested in Promotion, Creative strategies, traveling and writing in general.

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