Great Local Tour Guides Are on Triip.Me! Try it!

Great Local Tour Guides Are on Triip.Me! Try it!

Where are you traveling for Christmas – or New Years, is a question we often hear during the end of the year. With the holidays coming in swiftly, I’m sure that many of you are travelling to lovely locations around the world to take a well-deserved brake. But what to do when you’re in Dresden, New York or Jakarta, looking for a local tour guide? Triip.Me has the right answer, as the ultimate platform to find a truly local experience, such as a walking tour of Dresden or Lisbon during Christmas!

Who is offering it? Dresden Walks, a group of enthusiastic ‘Dresdeners” who act as local tour guides, who have turned their passion for their hometown into a profession, offering tours in German as well as English while using Triip.Me as a platform to offer their unique insight into this lovely city.

A Global Platform for Local Tours

But that’s the thing about Triip.Me, co-founded by Hai Ho and Ha Lam as a global platform for local tours. Both founders have a lot experience, with Ho’s 10 years of building products and a whole community for over 5 million users. Triip.Me thus seems like a fitting challenge, where he has been joined by Lam whose 9 years in the travel industry definitely helps in developing great tours with local partners.Triip.Me’s functions resemble other booking platforms such as Booking and Airbnb, since you are presented with a number of locations. After choosing a city you’re visiting, you can browse individual tours, such as the Dresden Christmas walk that we’ve already mentioned.

Each local tour consists of an individual landing page where you can see an extensive description, photos as we’ll as the location you’ll be taken to. To make finding local trips even easier, Triip.Me organizes them into categories, such as Art & Culture and Family & Friend, while also defining what kind of transportation is included. If a tour, for example, needs you to walk a lot, it doesn’t make sense to go while suffering from a knee injury.

Are These Tours Any Good?

You can judge based on a number of factors, including reviews that are included for each tour. A particularly good review can convince you to book a tour you weren’t really sure about, while a few bad ones might tell you to think twice before going on that crocodile jumping tour. I’m kidding – I’m sure that it would have great reviews – if it existed!

Want to Create a Local Tour? Read the Triip Book!

As Triip.Me’s team shares in their extensive ebook entitled “The Trip Book”, you too can easily become a creator of a local tour if you know your city, what’s happening in it – and want to share your passion with other travellers while earning some money in the process. Triip.Me takes just a 10 percent processing fee from the total booking while helping you promote your tour – as well as maintaining the overall platform.

Creating a new tour on the Triip.Me platform takes just about 10 minutes and if you’ve ever created any piece of online content shouldn’t take a minute more. Triip.Me recommends taking a few photos of your favourite places, so you can easily write the stories behind the tour for your landing page.

If you’re reading this article while packing for your Christmas trip, definitely click over to Triip.Me. Find the city you’re going to which shouldn’t be too hard since the platform supports over 80 global destinations already – and find out what tours are being offered that you might be interested in. Tourist offices and street guides are fine, but why not have an even better experienced powered by Triip.Me creators – people just like you – and .ME?!


Ivan Brezak Brkan

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