Tutorial for Fashionistas: How to Sass Up and Trade Fashion & Beauty Items via Sass.me

Tutorial for Fashionistas: How to Sass Up and Trade Fashion & Beauty Items via Sass.me

First of all, some introductions should be made. Fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts, meet Sass.me, a perfect place to trade authentic women’s fashion, accessories and unused beauty products in a fun way. I think it is safe too assume that you have a closet that is just about to burst, and yet you catch your self standing in front of it and thinking „I have nothing to wear!“.

For sure, somewhere in your overflowing closet you have a dress you’ve bought on the spur of the moment and never worn, a cute designer bag you’re getting tired of, a headband that was never really your thing and tons of accessories from your vintage or gothic chic period, but you can’t wear those, can you? These things just take up precious closet space, but you can’t force yourself to throw them away (there is still some good handbag mileage left in that ISL!).

sass it

Sass.me lets you take care of both of these problems- you can trade those things you no longer wear for something that is totally you All you have to do is open up your closet to Sass.me community. Not literally though. What you do with Sass me is take pictures of a trendy pieces you would like to trade,  create your virtual closet and start trading.

Here’s how its done, step by step:

1.Download the App and Create An Account

Download your app for free and create ann account! When you first run the app, enter your e-mail address and you will receive a message with the activation code to verify your account. You can also log in via Facebook to discover your friend’s closets and invite others to join.

2. Create your virtual closet

Use the camera icon located at the bottom toolbar  to upload trendy, lightly-worn clothes that you want to trade. The first picture you take of the item will be your cover photo and you have the option to add four more pics and an  item description. You can modify the pictures and the description at any time.

Sass.me does have some rules about what you can and can’t trade: used items can be listed if they are lightly worn, trendy, clean and are free of flaws such as rips, stains, broken zippers etc. Also, for obvious (hygienic) reasons, worn swimsuits or undergarments are off the table.

sass 3

3. Take a peek of the other closets.

For starters, you can use the DISCOVER tab to see the new items on Sass. If another fashionista catches your attention with her spectacular style, add her to your friends so you can see all her new uploaded items in your FOLLOWING tab.

4. Trade. Found something you like?

Click on it and choose the red “Trade” button. Now look through the items you have in your closet to see what you can offer in turn. Choose up to 3 items to make an offer and then click “Next“ to send that offer. Make sure that you are offering a fair trade!

5. Strike a deal.

After you’ve made an offer, wait for the response. It will be shown under your “Trades” button located in your bottom toolbar. When you work out an agreement with another fashionista, you can use your private trade wall to exchange e-mails or shipping information that will be visible to you two only. If you and your trade partner live in the same area, you can also schedule a meetup with them through the comment section to inspect the items before finalizing the process. Trading on Sass.me is free and if you decide to trade items, the only fee you pay is the shipment fee.


Sass me also has a really cool blog with lots of DIY ideas and tutorials, fashion tips and general fashion-related posts and you can follow them on Instagram and Pinterest!


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