Tvitomanija.Me: Connecting your WordPress website to social networks

Tvitomanija.Me: Connecting your WordPress website to social networks

Tvitomanija.Me, the largest regional conference on social networks gathered over 500 participants in Novi Vinodolski last week. Your .Me team attended the conference as well and we picked the lectures we felt could help our domain name owners with their blogs, websites or businesses.

One of those lectures was held by Vladimir Lelićan from SAE Institute Belgrade. Lelićanin works with social media and he proposed several ways of connecting your WordPress blog with social networks.

Types of Social Media Interaciton

Lelićanin explained several different types of interaction with social media:

  • Simple social interaction
  • Connected communications
  • Presented Connection and Branding
  • Social Attention Raping
  • Gamification of Brands and Game Branding

Simple social interaction is basically just displaying your social statuses (posts, tweets, updates) on your website. Connected communication is, says Lelićanin, setting up your blog to automatically update your statuses as soon as a new post has been published. Presented connection and branding happen when you have a custom Facebook page for your website. What Lelićanin calls “social attention raping” is often done by Red Bull when people are forced into liking a page to see it’s content.

As for gamification of brands and game branding, those are different terms, says Lelićanin. The first one is used by Nike+ Running. They turned their brand into a game one can play with themselves or against their friends – they track your scores and push you to reach new “achievements“. The second one is simply branding of games or game makers.

Recommended Plugins for WordPress

Lelićan recommended several plugins for WordPress one might want to try out:

He also warned the audience not to use too many plugins on their WordPress website as they may render the website slow, buggy or – even – break it! Try these out for yourselves and pick carefully what you want to use.


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