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Tweet Chat: How to Snag a Premium Domain Name for Your Business or Startup

By Masa Djikanovic, May 17, 2013

Thanks to everyone who tuned into our awesome Tweet Chat, and to Kelly Hardy for participating! We hope you’ve learned a bit more about our Premium Domain Program, and have awesome ideas for Around.ME, Hire.ME, For.ME, Fund.ME and Find.ME. We can’t wait to hear them — apply now!

If you have any more questions, tweet them out to @domainME using the #ApplyME hashtag, and we’ll be happy to help!


Masa Djikanovic

A Community Manager at the .ME Registry, Maša holds a B.A. in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and Spanish from Wellesley College, and has spent a semester in Argentina drinking mate and writing essays on human rights. Prior to joining the .ME team, she worked for the Montenegrin government, but unfortunately never got to be President. Favorite things include traveling, chocolate, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and xkcd.

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