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Tweet4.Me: Scheduled, Buffered And Delayed Tweets

By Hrvoje Hrsto, September 2, 2013

For me personally, there was always one frustrating thing about Twitter. If you want to send tweets from official or third party apps, you have to tweet right away. If you want to post a scheduled or delayed tweet, you need to use specific app or service. However, Jason Kneen and his service Tweet4me have changed all of that.

Tweet4me is the first service that allows you to tweet scheduled tweets from any client. It is the first service in the world to use direct messages, which any Twitter application can send, to send instructions to the Tweet4me account. Only disadvantage is that you’ll have a surplus of direct messages in your inbox, but it’s nothing you can’t live with. Not to mention that you’ll get a direct message when your tweet gets posted. That is helpful if you scheduled a (drunken) tweet and then forgot about it.

And Tweet


After that, messages are scheduled at Tweet4me servers from where they are automatically sent to your account at scheduled times. To use the service you’ll need to go to the site and sign in with your Twitter account. I you want, you can also connect it to the Buffer and make your social media sharing even more intricate.

Immediately after my sign-in I got a new twitter follower – tweet4me. Maybe not the most expected or exciting thing, but it was a nice touch that surprised me pleasantly. But let’s get back on track and show you how to schedule a tweet. You’ll need to put a prefix to your tweet like in following examples:

d tweet4me +1h to post in 1 hours time

d tweet4me +5m to post in 5 minutes time

d tweet4me 1345h to post at 1.45pm (local to your Twitter time zone)

d tweet4me 6-5 to post at midnight on 6th May

Other prefixes are:

5-12 1200h – 12.00am, 5th Dec

1-1-14 0001h – 1st Jan 2014, 0:01am

15m – 15 mins past the next hour

10d – 10th of the month

How Did It Work?

different tweets

My first tweet was sent only a minute in the future. That one minute seemed longer than it should be. As a result of my short attention span, my brain started to think that this whole thing was a hoax, but there was my tweet. After that I’ve checked one thing. Service currently checks in on five-minute periods, so that’s the quickest timing you can place on a tweet. I’ve tested it again and it worked flawlessly.

If you are scheduling junky, husband that forgets anniversaries, or are too busy on holidays to tweet something to your followers, Tweet4me will come in handy. It doesn’t matter if you use TweetDeck, Tweetbot, Twitter’s web service, Flipboard or any other Twitter client. It is a clever tool that deserves even wider audience that it already has. I know they’ve got another satisfied customer.


Hrvoje Hrsto

Hrvoje is BA audio engineer graduate from SAE Institute in Ljubljana, currently freelancing and writing. His interests are music, television and all things geeky.

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