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The Ultimate Inception: A SlideShare about Designing a SlideShare

By Sarah Green, October 4, 2016

Can you remember the last time you were absolutely WOWed by someone’s presentation? So much that you wished you made it yourself?

Knowing how to design a successful presentation is one of the most useful business skills to have.  Social media guru, student or a financial whiz – at one point in your career you will be asked to share your business results or ideas with others. Aside from preparing an engaging talk on the matter, you will have to create the slides that will compliment it.

You want your SlideShare presentation:

  • To allow people to follow along with your verbal presentation
  • Communicate key ideas in succinct and impactful way

When you are starting from a blank canvas, the number of options you are faced with can be stress inducing. You have to think about fonts size and family, which colors to use, illustrations to include and the overall concept. That’s why we decided to make a SlideShare that can guide you through it and help you make the best decisions.

We want people to remember you when asked the question from the beginning. 😉


Sarah Green

Sarah Green explores the latest web trends and covers stories related to technology, startups and digital life in general. Writing professionally since 2012, she has developed a sixth sense for trending topics in these fields.

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