Used Cars in Dubai Are Easier To Buy And Sell – Online With Vehicles.Me

Used Cars in Dubai Are Easier To Buy And Sell – Online With Vehicles.Me

Want to enter a large market by moving into the fast lane? That’s exactly what Vehicles.Me, a UAE-based online used cars marketplace, is planning to do! Worth over $2.5 billion and with a growth of 15 per cent annually according to a 2014 study, the used car market in the United Arab Emirates is the right place to grow such an offering.

Vehicles.Me approaches the issue of selling cars online by offering an easy-to-use website where you can sell and buy used cars in UAE – for free!

No Toys, Just Cars (Which We Like To Play With)

Unlike other marketplaces, Vehicles.Me specialises in used cars so your potential buyers won’t be distracted by items that might get their mind off buying a car.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the interest for used cars at even a general online marketplace (one had more than 1.5 million visitors in just one month to their automotive section even two years ago), shows that you can easily find buyers for your used car online.

Each listing on Vehicles.Me includes a short description, details such as the transmission type, color, horse power and kilometers driven. If you like a particular car, you can then easily contact the seller by using their email or phone number, also listed on Vehicles.Me

Adding an ad to sell your car is as easy, with all you having to do is registering a free account with Vehicles.Me, which gives you more features to stay updated with.

Used Cars Are Just Bought More In UAE

According to a late 2015 study, the average price of a used car in the UAE is $25,500, which is much higher than any other market in Africa, Asia or Latin America. It also said that drivers replace their cars THREE TIMES more often than drivers in the US.

The age of the used cars is also lower, with an average of 5.2 years, compared to more than 6 in Asia or eleven in the US! As Mohamed Noweir, a local expert, revealed, the higher income and lower age of cars in the UAE means that the resale value of used cars becomes higher!

The overall market for used cars in the UAE has grown so much that just this January a sprawling new physical market for them has been opened in Sharjah – with a capacity of over 25,000 cars!

The Dh250 million Souq Al Haraj market replaces the used car market in nearby residential areas. Because of not being digital, these literal markets cramped the residential roads with cars and traffic, a practical problem for the local inhabitants.

The market has 415 showrooms that each has parking for 22 to 44 used cars, depending on their size. Because of the need for more space, as of early January, roughly 350 used car dealers already relocated to Souq Al Haraj.

During the launch, the management touted their fast-track service partnership that speeds up the process for buyers. While that’s a great advantage compared to the old markets, it still can’t beat the speed of the web and services such as Vehicles.Me!


Post your car for free.

Sell it.

Want To Buy/Sell A Used Cars? Do It Online.

It just makes sense. Simon O’Neill, general manager for Pre-owned cars at an authorised dealer for Toyota and Lexus cars in UAE said that ‘searching for your ideal car online is both convenient and time-saving,’ while also warning buyers that they do need to keep in mind to have a potential vehicle fully inspected beforehand!

However, even if Vehicles.Me might make the whole task of buying cars online as easy as posting a post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, still have in mind that you’re buying a car. Do a bit of research and, using Vehicles.Me’s details, research everything beforehand!


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